Soul Story's – Welcome to the Revolution.

Key: Action scenes - People butchering each other.

This is a collection of my Short Stories; each of them is basically an action scene or two. I tried to write longer, more drawn out stories (check my Profile) but all it seems I was any good at are the action bits. So I thought I'd just write those.

You will see that some of them contain the same characters as others, that's simply because it's set in the same universe and it makes it easier on me because I then don't have to think up more character names, place names and such.

I will leave all my previous work on my profile but unless a lot of interest is showed I doubt I will be updating my longer novels.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my Short Stories.


1. Introduction

2. Fire with Fire – One man, One monster, One Fight, One Survivor.

3. One Spring Day – Magic, Swords and… Bunnies?

4. Ghost Stalker – Giant Mech, annoying people, Fun times.

5. Sticks and Stones… - A deep set grudge, a house on fire, an explosive fight.

6. Old Dog, New Tricks - Giant Mech, less Giant Mech, Boom.

7. The Fort – A recount of what happened to me, it's all true.

8. Yin and Yang – A genetic experiment, a ship full of weird aliens and a typical Bloke.

9. The Tazarkul Series:

-The Katos Lord – They must destroy the Katos lord or risk loosing everything they ever loved.

-Tazarkul – A Royal Banquet and a Royal Bastard

-Dark vs. Light - The force of Light and Darkness meet who shall rein victorious?

-The Abyss - An underground cavern, a hoard of demons, a spirit and a desperate warrior.

-The Abyss II – More demons, more killing. Just read it.

-The Face of Evil – A young child's life is torn apart by the evil in the world around him.

10. Farewells – very short, a guy's life catches up with him.

11. Elemental Training Series:

-Raizen - Thunder

-Enryu - Fire

-Chigo - Earth

-Shipatou - Air

-Aquata - Water

-Heletos - Light

12. Valkryie - A tribute to the troubles in the Middle east