I think it's funny how two doors change everything
It's like the reflection you see once you are inside them
Can't be the one you saw outside of them
Like you need to change.
All of a sudden, you need to dress nicely
And need to bash someone, so you won't be teased
It's like you need to kick your locker open
Just to let off some steam
I think it's funny how everyone is oblivious
As to who they become
Still thinking that they are on top of the world
Beautiful, and kind
As they curse through the hallways,
And smoke across the street.
I think it's funny that nobody gets it.
People drop their jaw at school shootings
And blame the teachers
But look at the ratio of teachers
Compared to students
And if the students don't listen…It can't be considered
The teacher's fault
I think it's funny how people make out in the hallways
They don't care who sees them
And pretty girls just give themselves away.
They say it's their choice.
But I don't believe it…
((I know from experience.))
I think it's funny how hell breaks loose
And the only hell that anyone notices
Is the fire that eats them alive
And all of a sudden they become consumed
With selfishness, fear, jealousy, and isolation
I think it's funny how we all help bury each other
When everybody has tough things to deal with
And everybody, yeah I said everybody
Has been verbally, physically, or sexually 'bullied' in some way
Whether by one word, or many
One hit or many
One touch or many
But everyone just screams at each other
How much worse off they are than the other
Making it a competition
Whose life sucks more.
Is that what life is?
A contest?
Who has the most popularity?
Prettiest eyes?
Straightest hair?
Toughest life?
Does it really matter?
I think it's funny how two doors change everything
And no one notices a thing.