Return to my past.

It was a rainy day

the thunder sounds against the ceiling

I was scared for things with no sense

when you held me

the sound of my heart beat strongly

it sang poetically, that's true

every teardrop cried by the sky

I think I cried so or more by the goodbye

simple and cruel turning my heart gray.

Yesterday it was a rainy day too

I think sky was crying with me

just the lover would understand

what it means to love without being loved

just the poet would know

what it means to write with no inspiration

not the death could take this pain away

'cause the nostalgia that hunts me every other minute

it seems endless

I'm going through a garden full of flowers without petals

bubbles that burst before flying high

I'm going through a garden without flowers anymore

where we used to meet

it made me happy to think you would come

maybe I'm still waiting for you now.

Have you noticed you've lost faith in love?

was it saturday or sunday?

I don't remember but boredom sighs

I've daydreamed about the light kiss from that time

and now I have nothing but oppressed wishes

faded dreams.

I have fear to fall asleep and wake up without you

I lost the bright smile and the blue weeping

when I lost you, I started to write songs

no one about us 'cause they were signed with happy endings

though somebody makes good to my heart which you broke

though somebody shows me a sunny day again

I don't want, I don't want forget you.