Author's Note: Its to the tune of "Jingle Bells"


Dashing through the plains, Coyote plans and schemes
With a homemade trap and Some TNT
Things are going well, the plan seems a sure bet
But things backfire and its hurt and pain he gets. Oh!

Coyote, Coyote, Roadrunner's a waste
Don't you know that these things will blow up in your face? Oh!
Coyote, Coyote, obsessions are no good
There's so much more to life, find some other food.

He's only a bird, its not worth the risk.
You don't have a chance, what is it about him?
You can't catch the bird, no matter what you build.
Who's your Acme dealer? Man he's gonna get you killed! Oh!

Roadrunner, Roadrunner give up on the chase
Don't you know? Your making Coyote's life a waste. Oh!
Roadrunner, Roadrunner give up on the goods,
Its not fair to be so quick, I wish you understood.

You know its not fair, being such a tease
Let him catch you once, you could get away with ease.
Just give him a chance, put this thing to rest
You know you could humor him, he's dimwitted at best

Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes, give the guy a break
You know you control his life, give him a better fate. Oh!
Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes, you know its not fair.
Write, him a new hobby and get him a life, I swear!