SCENE 1: A suburban house. (Camera is in first-person view. An agent (John) is carrying a gun and chasing Vince, who is trying to lose him)

Agent: Colonel, suspect has run into a suburban house, address is 1337 Summer Road. He still has the Flash Drive. (John looks for Vince. He spots Vince, who raises a gun and fires before escaping) Suspect is armed, I repeat, suspect is armed. He has run down to the basement. Pursuing...(John runs to basement door and down the stairs. At the bottom he turns in time to realize he has walked into a trap. The rest of the terrorists blast him with their guns, and John falls. Vince walks over to him, dangling a USB Flash Drive from his fingers) Wounded...suspect has accomplices...send the hunters...

Vince: You were a fool to walk into our trap. We have everything we need now. Oh, just so you know-your hunter team is sabotaged. (John reaches for the USB. Vince draws a knife, stabs him and screen fades to black)

SCENE 2: Another house. (Several people are around. Drew & Mark are sparring in hand-to hand combat, others are just doing whatever. The phone rings.)

Josh: I got it, I got it! (Picks up phone) This is Josh Nolan. (Pause) Chief, good to hear from you! What's up? (Pause) An assignment for the hunter squad? Sure, we'll do it! What's the situation?(Team looks over in interest as conversation continues) A local case? Sir, with all due respect, the hunters are used for high-risk missions. We don't handle local cases. (Pause) One downed agent is hardly cause to send in my hunters, sir. (Pause) Okay, what's on this flash drive? (His conversation continues as Kate and Allen talk)

Kate: Hey, Allen, listen to Josh.

Allen: Yeah, it sounds like he doesn't want us going on this mission.

Kate: Yeah...what do you think it is?

Allen: I don't know, Kate.

Josh: Okay, I'll get the team ready right away. (hangs up) Hunters, suit up! We've got a mission. (Drew and Mark stop sparring)

Mark: All right, what's the assignment?

Josh: Apparently there's some group of criminals nearby holed up in a house. They killed a military agent pursuing them, and they stole a flash drive. There's a chance they're terrorists.

Drew: I heard you mention something about a flash drive. What's on it?

Josh: The chief wouldn't say. He did say it belongs to the military, though, and they want it back.

Kate: We'll worry about that later. For now, let's get going.

Allen: Body armor's in the car already.

Kate: And weapons? Who was supposed to clean them after the last mission?

Drew: Not me.

Mark: Not me.

Drew & Mark: Allen!

Allen: (sighs)

Kate: So what's ready?

Allen: Three pistols.

Josh: That's it? (Allen nods) Great. Okay, Mark, I want you to stay behind with Allen and help him finish with the weapons. Make sure you use the soft-shot rounds. We want to keep these people alive so we know what they were doing, we don't want to kill them. Kate, Drew-you two with me. We'll get to the house now.

Kate: Gotcha.

Mark: I can't drive. How do we get to the house carrying all those weapons?

Drew: Ah, yes, the problem of soldiers under 16 needing to move in a hurry.

Josh: Throw them in duffel bags and carry them down here.

Allen: (sighs) Yes, sir.

Josh: Where're those pistols?

Kate: (tosses him one) Here you go.

Josh: Okay, we'll see you there. (Josh, Kate, and Drew leave)

Mark: How come I had to stay with you?

Allen: Oh, shut up and just give me a hand with this!

SCENE 3-The villain's base. (Mandy is hunched over a laptop. The computer has the USB plugged in)

Vince: What's taking so long, Mandy?

Mandy: The military really made sure this program was well protected, Vince. If I don't do this right, it'll self-destruct.

Vince: Just keep going and tell me when it's done. (Vince goes out to the main basement, where other terrorists are standing with guns ready) That agent we killed ordered the hunters. How long before they get here?

Sarah: We haven't been in contact with Lynn recently. We don't know.

Vince: Why not? We planted Lynn in the hunter squad so we could get that kind of info.

Peter: Now that the hunters are getting ready for combat, they're going to be a lot more alert. He can't risk losing his cover.

Vince: Fine. (Looks around) Where's Chris? (Sarah points. Chris is standing there, his gun pointed at the bottom of the staircase as though expecting someone) Thank you, Sarah. (Walks over to Chris) What're you waiting for, Chris?

Chris: Those hunters that the agent called. I want to be ready for them. (Chris looks as though he was trained to be a warrior. His aim is steady, his determination to the mission strong. Even Vince seems to have a cautious respect of him, despite his young age.) What're you up to, Vince?

Vince: Just making sure everyone's on task. We'll leave in three minutes. I don't want to be here when the hunters arrive.

Peter: What's the matter, you don't think we can take them?

Sarah: Peter, please. We can take out the hunters-but they'd slow us down for sure.

Peter: I'll get the car ready upstairs.

(Camera moves to ground floor, where Josh, Drew, and Kate are entering)

Josh: The agent's last call said that he followed them to the basement.

Kate: Okay. (Looks down basement stairs) Perfect place for an ambush down there.

Drew: Great. Your call, Josh. What do we do? (Thumping is heard as someone comes up stairs.)

Josh: I don't think we need to wait. Get ready! (Peter appears at the top of the stairs and sees the hunters)

Peter: (Shouting) Vince! (Vince looks up from over Mandy's shoulder and runs for the stairs. Drew tackles Peter, and the two begin a hand-to-hand fight)

Josh: (Trying to aim his gun) Drew, get away from him! All we need is one clear shot! (Vince appears at the top of the stairs, and Kate takes a shot at him. She misses, but it is enough to send Vince back down the stairs. Josh chases him, and the two struggle in the stairwell. Kate reloads as Drew knocks Peter away and shoots him. Peter collapses as the tranquilizer gets to him.)

Kate; C'mon, Josh needs our help! (She and Drew run down the stairs where Vince and Josh are still fighting. As they reach the bottom, Sarah and Chris start to fire. The two hunters take cover behind a wall and fire back.)

Vince: You're outnumbered, hunter. (Josh realizes he is right and tries to get away.) Sarah! Chris! Get him! (Josh dives behind a wall in time to avoid a bullet)

Drew: I'm out of ammo.

Kate: Same here.

Josh: Great. (Checks his gun) I've got three shots. I can't miss one. (He leans around the wall, fires once, and is forced back by a hail of gunfire.) I missed!

Drew: Better make the other two count. (Josh nods and fires the last of his ammo)

Josh: Only got one of them. These guys are good. (Camera cuts to Vince, who is supporting an unconscious Chris.)

Vince: Sarah, finish them off.

Sarah: With pleasure. (She nods and advances on the hunters. Just as she crosses in front of the stairs, she is shot twice and falls. Mark and Allen are at the top of the stairs, holding rifles and carrying bags over their shoulders)

Mark: Josh!

Allen: You okay down there?

Josh: Mark! Allen! Get down here with those weapons! (Vince runs back to Mandy)

Vince: Mandy, how much longer?

Mandy: Another half-hour.

Vince: Arrggh!! (He thinks for a brief moment, then begins to barricade the door)

Mandy: Vince, what're you doing? Peter, Chris, and Sarah are out there!

Vince: They're on their own. There are now four hunters out there, and Lynn can't expose himself yet. So it's really five hunters, and just me to face all of them. We need to keep them out until you're finished with that flash drive and have it sent to Gridley.

Mandy: Fine. (Starts to work again) You sure about this?

Vince: Yeah. This might actually work to our advantage, if Lynn does his job and keeps his cover.

Mandy: I never actually met Lynn. Are the hunters calling him that?

Vince: (smirks) No. The hunters know him as Allen. (The camera shows Allen helping to unload the weapons from the bags before fading)

SCENE 4-Later (The hunter team is seen (except Drew) getting their weapons ready. The three captured villains are tied up and placed by a wall, all conscious but silent. Drew comes back)

Drew: Yeah, they definitely barricaded themselves behind that door. Did a good job, too; it won't budge.

Josh: Okay, Drew. Thanks for checking. (Realizes he's holding a rocket launcher) Who packed this?

Mark: Not me.

Drew: Not me.

Mark and Drew: Allen!

Allen: (Sighs)

Josh: We're indoors. Why'd you pack this?

Allen: I wasn't sure what exactly we were going to have. I tried to pack some of everything.

Drew: That explains why I found a sniper rifle in here.

Kate: Dibs!

Mark: (Just after Kate) Dibs! (realizes Kate beat him to it) Crap!

Kate: Hah! (takes the rifle)

Josh: (sighs, to himself) My crack team, arguing over who gets the sniper rifle when we're indoors. Why'd I accept this job?

Drew: (picking up a ball launcher) Packing the grenade launcher was a good call, though, Allen. Seriously.

Allen: Thanks.

Kate: Drew, that's not a grenade launcher. That's a tear gas launcher.

Drew: (looks for a brief moment at the weapon) I knew that.

Josh: Mark, take a 10-shot rifle. I want at least two people with them, and I'll have one. And make sure everyone takes a pistol for backup.

Mark: Yes, sir. (Camera switches to Vince, pacing around with his Firefly)

Vince: It's been almost ten minutes and they haven't tried anything yet. What're they doing?

Mandy: Maybe they're interrogating the others. (Vince cringes at the thought)

Vince: How much longer?

Mandy: Twenty minutes.

Vince: We can't hold them off for that long. They'll bust through before then. (Pause) Lynn needs to do something. (gets out his cell phone and starts a text message, camera switches to the hunters. Everyone is gathered around Josh)

Josh: Drew, Kate. See if you can find some way to get through that door. Kate, use your pistol for now.

Kate: Awww... (Allen's cell phone buzzes in his pocket as the conversation continues. Nobody notices as Allen slips it out and glances at it.)

Josh: Mark, you and I need to make some calls. You call the Chief and tell him what's going on. I'll call the military and try and find out what's on this flash drive that was stolen from them.

Allen: (by now his cell phone is away) I'll interrogate the prisoners. See what they know. (the prisoners glance at each other in surprise)

Josh: Okay. The older boy mentioned someone named Vince. Ask about him first. (checks his phone) Mark, we have no reception down here. We need to get upstairs.

Allen: See you later. (Everyone runs off, leaving Allen alone with Sarah, Peter, and Chris. He kneels down by them) Fine job you all did.

Sarah: Just shut up and untie us, Lynn.

Allen: (starts to free them) You need to get the two upstairs first, before they make their calls. (Peter and Sarah grab the leftover hunter's guns and run for the stairs. Chris starts to follow them, but Allen grabs him.)

Chris: Lynn, what is it?

Allen: You need to knock me out and take my gun. That way, the hunters will think I still work for them and just goofed up.

Chris: (Pauses) Fine. (He puts Allen in a chokehold and squeezes until he passes out, then takes his weapon and leaves.)

(The camera cuts to the first floor, where Mark is on the phone)

Mark: No, Chief, I don't know what's on the flash drive. Josh is asking the military right now. Once he finds out, we'll make sure to let you know what's so special about it. (There is a loud thump off-screen. Mark's head snaps up in suspicion.) Sir, I'm going to have to call you back. (He hangs up and grabs his 10-shot) Josh? Josh, you there? (Cut to Peter, hiding around the corner with Josh out cold at his feet)

Peter: (imitating Josh) Yeah. (He doesn't fool Mark. Mark stops in his tracks and cocks his gun, advancing slowly on the corner. Peter tenses and points his gun at the doorway, expecting Mark)

Mark: Come here. I got something to show you. (Peter thinks for a moment, then whirls around the corner, looking for Mark. Mark is nowhere, and Peter is visibly confused. Mark jumps out from where he was hiding and shoots Peter.) Josh? (He checks around the corner and sees Josh) Oh, geez, (He wakes Josh up) Josh! C'mon, man, wake up!

Josh: (stirs confusedly) What the-what-Mark?

Mark: You all right, sir?

Josh: Yeah. I got attacked by some crazy chick with a pair of pistols.

Mark: A girl?

Josh: Yeah. When someone says chick, they're usually referring to a girl.

Mark: (realizing another enemy's on the loose) Oh, great. (A pair of bullets whiz over the hunter's heads)

Josh: Geez! (He and Mark dive for cover)

Mark: Where's your gun?

Josh: (checks) My 10-shot's gone. I still have my pistol. (He gets it out, loads it, and cocks it. Sarah runs by to another firing point behind the bar) Mark, I see her! (He fires, and Mark dives in front of the bar and begins to slide around the side.) Give it up, lady! You're outnumbered two to one! (Camera cuts to Sarah priming a grenade)

Sarah: It isn't over yet! (She rolls the grenade to the corner of the bar just as Mark appears and covers her eyes)

Mark: Oh, great.

Josh: What is it?

Mark: Flash-bang! (The flash grenade explodes, and Mark an Josh are momentarily blinded in a flash of white. The camera cuts to Mark's view, blurry but clearing. Something charges him, and his vision clears in time to recognize it as Sarah.) Oh, you gotta be kidding me-(Sarah attacks Mark viciously, finishing him with a kick between the legs that cripples him. Sarah escapes as Josh runs to check on Mark) No fair...

Josh: We need to get back downstairs, Mark! That was one of the prisoners Allen was guarding!

Mark: (whimpering) Ow...coming...

(Camera cuts to downstairs, where Drew and Kate are examining the door. We see Chris hiding out of their sight, watching them. He cocks his stolen 10-shot, and Kate hears the noise. She looks around suspiciously)

Kate: Drew, you hear something?

Drew: No, why?

Kate: I thought I heard a 10-shot being cocked... (She and Drew draw weapons)

Drew: I thought Drew wanted you not to use that sniper rifle. (Kate removes sniper scope)

Kate: No sniper scope. Not a sniper rifle.

Drew: Okay. (Sarah runs down the stairs, Drew sees her) Kate, I got her! (He aims his gun, and Chris pops up and fires a shot, breaking his concentration. A frantic firefight breaks out, and more chaos is added as Josh and Mark join the fight.)

Josh: Kate, Drew, you guys okay?

Drew: We're fine, they're pinned behind that wall.

Mark: Watch out for the girl. She hurts.

Kate: Why's your voice all squeaky?

Mark: Don't ask.

Josh: I found Allen. He's out cold.

Drew: They must have got him while he was guarding them. (Camera cuts to Chris and Sarah, hunkered behind a wall)

Sarah: Crud. We're pinned and outnumbered.

Chris: Any bright ideas?

Sarah: Call Vince. I'll hold them off. (She pulls out a 10-shot, Chris pulls out a cell phone. Camera cuts to Vince. His phone rings)

Vince: Chris, what is it?

Chris's voice: We're pinned down in the basement. The hunters are grouped up right outside your door. You can get the jump on them right now! (Vince weighs the situation)

Vince: Mandy, how much longer 'till that's done?

Mandy: Three minutes. Then I have to get upstairs so I can get a wireless connection to send the program.

Vince: Okay. (To Chris) I'll do it, but we have to keep the hunters away from Mandy for the next five minutes. (He hangs up, camera cuts to hunters. Josh and Drew are reviving Allen), Mark and Kate are fending off Chris and Sarah)

Josh: C'mon, Allen, snap out of it!

Drew: Look at the marks on his neck. It looks like he was strangled from behind.

Allen: (stirs) Oh, geez...Josh-what happened?

Josh: I wasn't here. You tell me. (Vince bursts out of the door, firing. Drew falls with a shout. Josh whirls around and fires his gun. It misses, and Vince jumps at Josh. The two start fighting hand-to-hand. Eventually, it becomes clear Josh has the upper hand, and Vince grows desperate)

Vince: Lynn, help me! (Allen picks up a crossbow and loads a round as Josh knocks Vince down and aims his gun at the villain)

Josh: What's on that flash drive? (Vince is silent. Josh shoots the wall next to his face, screaming) What is on the flash drive you stole from the military?! (Vince remains quiet. Josh cocks another round and presses the barrel against his neck) One last chance. (The camera moves to show Allen aiming at Josh. Kate and Mark turn from their finished and victorious battle in time to see what Allen is doing)

Kate: Josh, both enemies are down-Allen, what are you DOING? (Josh turns to look, and Vince kicks his legs out from under him and makes a break up the stairs)

Vince: Mandy, get upstairs and send that program! (Mandy darts by with the laptop in her arms. Mark takes aim)

Mark: I got her! (Allen shoots Mark at point-blank range. Josh and Kate round on Allen, Kate shoots him.)

Josh: Mark! Allen, you traitor!

Kate: What is going on, Allen? (Allen looks up at them both, gasping)

Allen: Mandy...will send the hijacking program to our boss-Vince is probably...trying to escape...

Kate: What hijacking program?

Josh: We don't have time. Kate, you keep that program from being sent. I'm going after Vince. (Josh grabs a fresh 10-shot and dashes up the stairs, with Kate following him with her scope-equipped sniper rifle)

(Upstairs, Kate turns in time to hear the back door slam and runs out onto the deck. Mandy already has a huge head start. Kate raises the rifle and aims though the scope, chuckling to herself)

Kate: And Josh though I was stupid for taking the sniper rifle... (She fires, and Mandy collapses)

(Josh goes out the front door and onto the driveway. Vince is nowhere)

Josh: C'mon, don't tell me I lost him! (He suddenly hears an engine revving, whirls around, and sees Vince driving towards him on a collision course) Oh, geez! (He dives out of the way, rolls, and shoots at the car. His shots either miss or are ineffective, and Vince escapes) NO! Arrghhh!! (Kate runs up next to him)

Kate: What happened?

Josh: The leader got away.

Kate: Aw, great. (Drew and Mark come out the front door, dragging Allen between them)

Drew: Josh! (He turns) What do you want us to do with him?

Josh: He's coming back to base with us. I want a shot at him before the Chief does. His leader got away, and maybe Allen can tell us where he went. (Pause) We're done here.

Mark: Let's get back to the base. (The hunters pile in their car, Allen sandwiched between Mark and Drew, and Drive off. Camera fades to black)

SCENE 5-(The next day, at the hunter's home. Josh is on the phone)

Josh: Yes, sir. I'm sorry he got away. (Pause) My team is fine, sir. They only suffered minor wounds in the battle.

Mark: Speak for yourself. You didn't take a knee to your-

Drew & Kate: Shut up.

Josh: Allen still isn't talking, sir. Don't worry, we'll get him to tell us what we need. (Camera cuts to Allen, tied to a chair in a dark room. Josh talks through the image) On that note, we will need a fifth member to replace him. And no offense, sir, but we would like to ask you to perform a very extensive background check on him. (Camera cuts back to Josh) None of us would like to uncover another traitor. (Pause) Thank you sir. I'll see you soon. (Josh hangs up and turns to the rest of the hunters. After a moment, he sits down)

Kate: Well, what did the chief say?

Josh: He'll get us a fifth team member, and he's appreciative for the four criminals we did give him.

Drew: I still can't believe Allen fooled us for so long. He was on the team for four months...

Mark: Well, we exposed him in the end before he and his partners could do any lasting damage. Except for that knee to my- (Kate and Drew cut him off)

Kate & Drew: Shut up!

Kate: Were you ever told what was on that flash drive they stole?

Josh: Yeah, I finally got in contact with the colonel who was in charge of the project. The flash contained a program that could hack into missile installations and take over them. (Kate groans)

Drew: Just imagine what could happen if terrorists got a hold of that program...they could use any U.S. missile installation, no place would be safe...

Mark: Well...(The others look expectantly at them) I'm not so sure these terrorists, if that's what they were, were even foreign.

Josh: What do you mean?

Mark: While we had those criminals arrested, before Allen turned on us, I took some rough mug shots and ran them through the computer. (Throws four official-looking sheets on the table, they are the reports on Sarah, Peter, Chris, and Mandy) Sarah Natko, Peter Walsh, Mandy Konicki, and Chris Unger. These four each have a record as long as my arm.

Kate: Wow...this is somewhere between impressive and frightening.

Drew: I'll say. Look at Chris's record-six high-profile assassinations, at least 32 men killed, 16 professional heists, 13 acts of terrorism-and he's not even a teenager yet.

Josh: Mark, did you get anything on their leader? Uh...Vince, was that his name?

Mark: Vince was a bit trickier. Since I didn't have a mug shot, I looked at all the Vince terrorists with connections to the others we caught. Eventually, I think I found him. (He pulls out another sheet and hands it to Josh) Josh, you had a good look at his face during your hand-to-hand fight. Is that him?

Josh: (looking at the sheet) Yeah. That's him.

Mark: Vince Hadden. Wanted for two years on various and numerous charges. Our fight against him was the closest anyone's got to capturing him.

Josh: And he got away. (Josh puts the sheet down)

Mark: One thing about him that needs to be mentioned. He's never been a head honcho. He's always been a middleman for the real power players.

Kate: I don't understand.

Mark: Basically, he does the dirty work for the masterminds behind his actions. Someone finances Vince and gives him the troops that work for him, and he gives them what they want-in this case, the hijacking program.

Drew: But he failed his mission. We stopped him from sending the program.

Mark: I know. Whoever hired him is going to be out for his blood.

Josh: Vince didn't want the hijacking program. Someone else did. (The others look at him) We stopped them, and they'll try and get it again. (The camera switches to Vince as he is pulling out a cell phone. Josh's determined voice overlaps) This fight isn't over yet. (Vince dials a number. The camera switches to another cell, which begins vibrating. A hand picks it up, and the camera maneuvers to show the man on the receiving end of the call, Sean Gridley)

Gridley: Is there some reason why I don't have the program yet?

Vince: The hunters took out my team. The undercover agent was exposed.

Gridley: You lost the program, Vince.

Vince: I promise you, I have a long history of succeeding my missions.

Gridley: You failed this one.

Vince: Gridley, give me another chance. I can do this!

Gridley: You had your chance, Hadden. You failed. Anther team will be sent to get the program.

Vince: What about me? (Gridley hangs up on Vince. Vince looks around confusedly, and then draws his gun in alarm as he realizes Gridley wants him dead. From Vince's side, someone appears from the shadows with a gun drawn. Vince sees them and whirls around)

(The camera snaps to black. We hear the sound of a gun being shot, followed by a grunt and the thump of a body hitting the ground)

END (Run end credits)