The battled raged deep within the hills. The magical beings fought, tearing into the mortals. Mortals and these creatures had been at war for centuries, with no end in sight. Nikolai Scarlatti raised his wooden stake, ramming it with all his muscled-strength into the rank creature in front of him. The creature hissed loudly in pain, swinging his clawed fingers out at Nikolai, blood oozing from the fangs of the monster.

Nikolai dug the stake deep into his opponent's heart, his face contorted in determination. Caught off-guard, the monster's claws connected with Nikolai's face, his chest, and sent him reeling backwards. Nikolai groaned in pain as he went flying, trying to stop himself. His efforts proved useless as he landed, a sharp pain wracking his body. His eyes opened briefly as he watched the monster cry out in pain before dissolving into nothing. It was in that moment of relief that Nikolai realized what was causing his pain. The monster had thrown him onto a wooden stake; the point had pierced his side and was now protruding out.

With shaky hands, Nikolai tenderly touched his wound, blood covering his huge hands. His breath started to come out in shorter gasps as pain engulfed him. He closed his eyes and hung his head in shame. The Scaralatti's had a long history of fighting the evil that roamed the world. He was the leader of his family. He slowly shook his head. He had failed them. Coughing up blood, he wiped his face and lifted his head to look at the battle before him. The world started to spin as he tried to find a point to focus on. "Forgive me, Father, for I have failed you." He whispered, his once mighty deep voice was now frail and shaky. He tilted his head up to the sky and gasped as a bright light engulfed him before everything went black.

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Maggie Sullivan hated the night. Bad things happened at night. Like nightmares and scary movies. Maggie, her brother Mark, and her parents had gone to see a movie; a scary movie since it was almost Halloween. Maggie held onto her father's hand as tight as her little hand could. Her father smiled down at her before lifting his 10 year old daughter into his arms, kissing her forehead. "What's wrong, Maggie?"

"Daddy…I don't like scary movies. Do those…vampire things really exist? I mean, are they gonna come suck all the blood out of us?"

Aaron, her father, chuckled and ruffled Maggie's dark wavy locks. "They aren't real, sweetheart. Just a figment of someone's imagination. And they won't come suck your blood. Promise."

Lisa, her mother, smiled up at her husband, then shook her head, gently smacking him on the arm. "I told you we should have seen the Disney movie. They are going to have nightmares for a week!"

Aaron laughed softly and squeezed his daughter before looking down at Mark, ruffling his hair. "We manly men have to watch this stuff. It's just the thing to do. No nightmares, right, son?"

Mark, who was 13, chuckled and shook his head. "No way! That movie was so cool. All that blood and guts? No Disney movie for me."

Maggie stuck her tongue out at Mark before looking up at her dad. "Do I have to watch a scary movie again?"

Aaron smiled softly and kissed her on the nose. "No, baby. You don't have to."

The family fell silent as they walked home. They only lived a few blocks from the theater. Maggie kept watching the shadows, paranoid. And that's when it happened. She heard her mother's high-pitched scream, followed by a roar from her father. Confused as to what was happening, she wriggled in her father's arms. Aaron thrust Maggie to Mark, leaning down to look at them. "Mark, you two get out of here. Don't stop until you get home. You hear me? Take care of Maggie and call your uncle when you get home. Don't look back!" He kissed his kids. "If your mom and I don't get to…see…you again…remember that we love you." He pushed them towards their house. "Now go! Hurry!"

Mark and Maggie stumbled down the street, running. Maggie tripped and sprawled onto the sidewalk, skinning her hands and knees. She glanced back to her parents and whimpered. Mark knelt down to help her up and glanced up to their parents. Both kids watched in horror as three creatures attacked their parents. Maggie cried out when one sank its fangs into their mother's neck. She watched with wide eyes as her mother fought and struggled until she fell limp. Aaron roared in anger and fought the creatures before all three of them ganged up on him, mutilating his body.

Mark quickly stood up, dragging Maggie with him. He started running, tugging her behind him. They didn't stop until they reached their small house, locking the door behind them. Maggie stared at her brother, both of them deathly pale. "Mark…what just happened?"

Mark licked his dry lips and stood there, visibly shaking. "I…I don't know. I think our parents were just killed by vampires." He said softly.

Maggie felt hot tears on her cheeks. "I thought they weren't real?"

Mark quickly hugged his sister. "I didn't think so, either." They stood there for a long time until Mark pulled away. "We should call Uncle Brad."

Maggie nodded, her eyes wide as she stood there, listening to Mark talk to their uncle. She shivered and looked out the window into the dark street. Bad things happened in the night.

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