The fairytale ending that never came

They raised their glasses as her eyes met his from across the room.
She smiled slightly and looked back at the man beside her. Her husband.
He kissed her hand and she smiled and blushed slightly, like a good wife should. Her insides were turning and screaming at her to get away from there but her good manners forced her to sit it through. After all she did not want to disgrace her family.

"Emily, darling, tell us when will we be hearing some happy pregnancy news?" her mother asked her and she just smiled looking down at her hands.

"Not yet mother, not yet" she replied and her husband sniffed.

"Soon, right love?" he said and Emily looked at his eyes. They were menacing.

"Hopefully" she said hoping to please him with her answer. After all she knew she'd feel the consequences if she did not please him. Especially in front of so many witnesses.

The table was cleared and the music started, it was time to dance.

"Let's dance my darling wife" Her husband said, pulling her roughly from her chair.

"Gladly, Raymond" Emily replied and kept a fake smile present on her face as she looked around the crowd.

All women were wearing such smiles, none of them were happy. And why? Because society found women should not be able to make any decisions. They were to sit quietly and obediently, waiting for their father and later their husbands to make the decisions.
Unfortunately Emily's father wasn't very kind and gentle to his family. He cared for power and money. Therefore he married his youngest daughter of to such a man as well.
Raymond McKinnon. Heartless and cruel, money hungry and poker addicted. Yes she surely was lucky..

After four dances someone tapped Raymond's shoulder.

"could I possibly have the honour of one dance with your lovely wife?" the man asked and Emily know who it was.

"Later" Raymond said and Emily's spirit sank.

She danced for a little while longer and then went to get some refreshments.

"I do not wish to see you smiling at him again" Raymond started grabbing her arm forcefully.

"I was just being the kind hostess you wanted me to be" Emily whispered and hoped he believed her little white lie.

"I know you weren't but I forgive you, as I always do." He said and made her feel like a little girl all over again.

She smiled at him and nodded, being the good repressed wife once more. That was until she heard his next words.

"I want you to dance with him"

"Why would you want that?" she asked him confused and a little scared, his intentions were never good.

"To tell him he is no longer welcome. You are to escort him out after that. Make sure people notice you telling him off" Raymond said with a big smile and Emily nodded before trying to catch the eye of the man that caused this little argument.

Caleb Bennet!

A small nod from her head made him come her way.
Without asking questions he grabbed her hand, bowed slightly to her husband and pulled her onto the dancing area.

"I see he has ordered you to dance with me, whatever reason did he have?" Caleb asked Emily and she just shook her head.

"Let's just dance one song without talking." She whispered and went to lay her head on his shoulder.

"that would not be smart darling" he said just before she did and quickly she retreated her head.

"I know" she replied and he twirled her around to disguise the situation.

After a short while Emily told the things Raymond told her. How she was to banish him and how she was to humiliate him.

"I don't want to" she whispered softly to him with tears brimming her eyes.

"if you don't...he'll kill you" Caleb said softly squeezing her hand.

"I don't care, I'm dead already" she replied depressed and Caleb nearly stopped dancing.

"don't say such harsh words, you're very much alive to me" he replied and she smiled a little. Just then she caught Raymond's eye and he motioned for her to put a move on things.

"He wants me to do it now" she replied and Caleb just smiled.

"Then do it, escort me to the door and run with me" he said with a smile and Emily looked up at him in surprise.

"you would be disowned and we could never come back here again, but I've got the money to support you!" he said quickly and looked her straight into the eyes.

Emily smiled and stood up straight.

"I'm very sorry Mister Bennet, but this will be the last dance you attend here" she began and he tried to looked abashed, but his eyes betrayed his true feelings. Thank the heavens that he was looking straight into her eyes the entire time. Otherwise could have blown their cover.

She slowly escorted him to the door making sure everybody saw what she was doing.
Raymond was happy.
At the door the clerk went to get his coat but Emily held him back.

"We do not lift another finger for him" she said and the short man walked away.

In the mean while Caleb did not only grab his own cloak but Emily's as well.

He slowly walked to the door and Emily followed. He waited until his carriage stood before it and then grabbed her hand.

Everything went in a blur.

They ran for the carriage and ignored all the shouts from the house. The carriage quickly drove off and Emily looked back once more.

She would miss the house, the staff and her mother, but everything else she would never miss.

"We did it" she whispered and Caleb smiled before putting his arm around her.

"We sure did" he said and softly kissed her lips.

Emily knew her mother would understand. She had never been happy, her mother always hoped for her to become happy later on.
As she shook the thoughts of her mother back into the back of her mind, she realised her dress was loose and Caleb was kissing her nipples gently.
A small moan erupted her mouth and he smiled against her skin.
His hands went under her skirt and he quickly placed her on his lap.

"I love you" he said and she kissed his lips hungrily.

As the ride went on, the reality was soon lost and Emily and Caleb were lost in ecstasy. He tenderly entered her and kissed her lips once more. She was in heaven.

"I never want this to end" Emily whispered and Caleb smiled while kissing her head.

They laid in his bed comfortably, warm and cosy.

"you do know we have to leave in the early morning?" he asked her softly and she nodded her head.

"I know we could not stay but I still want us to never end" she whispered and he pulled her a little closer.

After an hour of sleep they quickly grabbed some stuff for their long travel and Caleb let the staff know he would be back when everything settled down. They were reluctant to let them go but nevertheless helped the packing.

They were to travel lightly and by horse. A carriage would only draw attention.
Emily was dressed in man clothing and set on a horse in a man saddle.
It felt weird and uncomfortable but she didn't complain once. This was the only way to survive, she knew.
Tomorrow morning Raymond would have formed an army to kill them both.

Three days they raced the country without much sleep and hardly any food. They were quickly weakening themselves and Caleb knew they had to stop sooner or later.

"Tonight we'll get a room" he said and Emily nodded happily. She could do with a bath.

He smiled at her and she smiled back cheerfully.
This went on for three months before they were feeling safer.
They had crossed the country and were stayed with family, his family of course.
Emily had long ago realised she was pregnant and had told Caleb the news joyfully.
He had finally proposed. They were to marry tomorrow, in a small quiet ceremony.

That night she lay in her bed contently, feeling everything would be alright for the first time in months.
If only she had known all would turn worse in a matter of hours.

She was awoken by screams and gunshots. Quickly she grabbed a robe before walked towards her door. For the night Caleb had spent the night in another room, trying to keep traditions alive. She smiled at the thought but was forced back into reality when a her door was opened and closed in a flash.

A maid stood before her looking her over before packing all Emily's possessions into a bag.

"What is going on" Emily asked a little scared and the maid just sniffed.

"you're dangerous." She said and Emily looked at her confused.

"What happened?" Emily tried again and the maid stopped her work.

"you got Caleb killed!" she snapped and Emily's world came crashing down.

"Caleb?" she asked in a whisper and the maid just nodded before the door was opened once more.

This time Caleb's mother stormed in.

"you!" she screamed before trying to calm herself a little, "I want you to leave this moment. And I never want to see you again" she exclaimed and with tears in her eyes Emily got dressed. Her life had been bad before but things just turned worse.

Now here she was, alone and obviously pregnant, walking the streets of an foreign town. For a short while she tried the excuse of having lost her husband but not many bought it.

For six more months she carried her baby and gave birth in a convent, where she left the child hoping someday it would be happy.

" Please just tell her she was an orphan. I don't want her to be disgraced" Emily had said before walking out of the convent into the icy weather in only a thin dress.

The nuns knew then, the little baby girl would be an orphan before nightfall. They would never utter a word of the life her mother had led before she was born. Emily had told them and no one doubted her word. The little girl would be happy, they'd make it happen.

If only Emily could have had her own fairytale ending.

Was it any good? It came to me in a flash today and I typed it out in one go. Maybe I won't like it anymore in a few days but today I do and I really wanted to share this with you all.