I linger in my dreams of her

Aching with emotion

Sensuality, Intimacy

Mixed with sinful sexuality

They say free will was given by God

Well, fancy that; 'tis sod's

law once again,

For I never chose this

Her tenderness beats within me,

I watch her, gaze

From hazy eyes

Eyes filled with hurt

Is this love wrong?

I am empty within,

My soul numbed by labels

"Whore", "Slut", "Sinner"

Why tell me what to be

Deny my individuality?

God knows what he is making

Omniscient – Surely

he sees what he is breaking?

Her hands wake my body,

Curving sensuously over me

My body tingles

While I tremble

Do I sin?

I cannot be what I am not

Yet should I be lost?


On the whim of an old man's book

How can I believe

In a God that would force me to choose

But perhaps it's just religion

That suffocates me in blues

For why would God deny me,

When he wanted us all to be free?

I don't believe that I freely chose

This "wrong" sexuality

For if it were up to me

I would be straight

And things would perhaps be

Somewhat easier for me.