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Just Another Sacrifice

I haven't seen stars in over six months. No one has.

Stars are such magical things, too. Pinpoints of fierce light making themselves known amongst the largest void anyone will ever know, burning and burning balls of fire impossibly far away but dusting the blackest night sky across the entire world at all times.

Just a side effect, they said. Just a sacrifice we'll have to make for the greater good. But these 'sacrifices' were piling on. Scientists didn't care; hell, no one expected them to. The ones who did this spend most of their time in windowless rooms, tinkering with atoms and machinery.

See, the reason we can't see stars anymore is because of a scientific breakthrough to slow (and supposedly stop) global warming. Created by machine, it's a synthetic layer of ozone cast over the entire planet. It works, and it has been modified to be resistant against the things that decimated the original ozone in the first place. People call it a miracle, a salvation. They're going on about it like it's the Second Coming. Those people can't see stars, either.

Babies are being injected with a form of super-immunity serum that shields them from any disease while they are still in the womb. Those babies will never see the color blue. But that's okay.

Just another side effect. Just another sacrifice.