She has the biggest green eyes you've ever seen. And they're a special kind of green… The kind of green that ocean water gets, you know? A bluish kind of green, with theses little flecks that shine like diamonds. They're incredible. And, usually thick eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller but it makes hers look even bigger. Her pale skin is the perfect canvas for those eyes.

And her fingers, God, her fingers. They're long and slender; straight, not crooked like mine. Her nails are short and squared, always covered in perfectly chipped nail polish, always different colors. She can never paint all ten nails the same color. She has the softest fingers in the world, and it's heaven when they touch you.

I don't even know where to begin with her hair. It's short, and wild. She likes to dye it often. Sometimes it's bubblegum pink, sometimes cotton candy blue, sometimes Barbie blond, sometimes midnight black. I've heard people say she changes her hair color more than her underwear. It's not true of course, but close. It's incredibly silky though, even though it's been bleached and dyed and re-bleached and re-dyed a thousand times.

Her laugh is contagious. It's the cutest little giggle, and her eyes close every time. She has that kind of laugh that makes you just want to kiss her, and never stop. It's the little things like that that have made me fall in love with her. It's her creativity, and craziness, and individuality that has made me feel this way. It's the fact that the longest conversation we ever had was when she was drunk, and we talked about how awesome semicolons are, and how more people should learn how to use them. And you know what?

I don't think we've really spoken since.