They sat in the park alone, on the swing set; their legs were finally long enough to be touching the ground. They weren't pumping their legs furiously, like the used to do when they were little, and there was no one pushing them. They were sitting there, on that dark summer night, talking.

Remember when we were little girls still, and we would come here in our princess dresses and plastic high heels?

They smiled, and hopped off the swings. One girl was a bit taller than the other. The taller one had straight blond hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing make up that your mom would call tasteful, a pink button down shirt, crisp denim jeans, and pink flip-flops. The shorter girl had wild brown hair, and dark eyes. She had on black mascara, thick black eyeliner, a red band tee, ripped denim jeans, and black sneakers. They looked so different, but inside, they were both the little girl who ran around in a princess dress and plastic high heels.

The taller girl looked at the shorter girl. "Emma, I miss this so much. I've missed you so much."

The shorter girl, Emma, smiled, but you could tell there was something she was holding back. "I've miss you too Jess. I can't believe it's been a year already."

"I know. It's been far too long." Jess took Emma's hand and looked at her, almost as if she hoped to find something in her eyes.

"Emma," Jess started, "do you still remember what happened last summer?"

Emma dropped her hand from Jess'. How could she not? It was the summer that they had had sleepovers every night, and told each other everything. Everything, including Emma confessing her love for Jess. Jess had stood up, picked up her backpack, and left. The next day, she was off to England for boarding school. They hadn't spoken all year since "the incident". "The incident" had happened three hundred and sixty five days ago, and that dark summer night was the first time they've spoken since. And, just like the year before, Jess had to leave the next day.

"Of course I remember." Emma walked away, and climbed to the top of the jungle gym. It was the kind that looks like a half sphere of mangled metal pipes, and the place were Emma always went to think. Jess climbed up after her.

"I'm sorry Emma. I know it killed you when I left like that."

"Yeah Jess. It really, really did." Emma looked at Jess, her eyes tearing up. "You said I could tell you anything, and then I tell you my biggest secret, the one I've wanted to tell you forever, and you just walk away." Emma quickly looked down at her shoes.

"I know," Jess put one arm around Emma's waist, and took her hand with the other. "But you have to understand Emma, I didn't know what to do. I thought that it was unnatural, and silly, and just you getting confused about how you felt for me."

Emma looked up, her eyes cold, afraid, and hurt, yet hopeful. She looked like a child who knew she was about to be spanked, but was hoping to be spared. "And now?"

"Now I know that I was scared." Jess pushed some stray hair out of Emma's face, and picked up her hand again.

"Of what Jess? It's not like I would have forced you into anything you didn't want."

"That's not what I mean. I was scared, because I love you too." Jess leaned closer to Emma. "I really hope you still love me, even after what I did."

"I don't think I'll ever be able to stop." Emma put her hand on Jess' cheek, and kissed her. Every emotion in them collided and exploded, a mass of energy. All their doubts were gone.

It was real, true love. They had less than ten hours to express that in every way possible. In that moment, they were in love, and everything else could wait for the morning.

AN: Typical sappy one-shot. Hope you liked it.