"Eh, it's Ryu-sempai again!" Neri said and handed the latest issue of G-Mag to me.

"Aren't the people growing tired of him?" I asked.

"Eh, you like Ryu-sempai, right?"

"Ha! Along with everyone else? In his dreams!" I exclaimed.

Hmm, confused? Well, let me explain some things to you. G-Mag is the hottest girly magazine in Japan right now and it features hot guys as well. Meanwhile, Suhiro Neri is my make-up obsessed best friend since middle school.

Me? I'm Yasaka Maki, 3rd grade high school student of Toui Academy. Neri is in the same class as me.

Oh, still wondering who Ryu-sempai is? Hmph! Figure it out yourself…

"Maki-chan? I've been asking you for a hundredth time now, the purple or the lilac?" Neri asked while I just stood there staring at her. She was holding two eye shadow of the same brand. Both of them have the same color. Or so it seemed to me.

"Eh, there's no difference, Neri."

"Of course there is! One's lighter than the other!"

This was honestly giving me a headache. It was our Special Saturday Shopping Day (SSSD for short.) Don't look at me like that, it was Neri's idea. And here I was, stuck at the make-up bar with her. I wasn't tomboyish but not too girly girly either. I don't really use make-up that much. My shopping list was for clothes. My closet ate most of my clothes.

"Eh, look it is Ryu-sempai over there! Who's he with? A girl perhaps?" Neri said and pointed to the ice cream parlor.

As if I cared. But I still turned around to look for him. He wasn't with a girl, but he has his friends with him. Well, now you may have a vague idea who Ryu-sempai is. I'll tell you something else about him.

Ryu-sempai is a 4th grade high school student going at the same school. He seems to be the most popular guy in school. He is the captain of the basketball team, class president, and he's always at the top of his class. And he is also one rising model. Enough, I'm going to barf!

"Oh my god, he's totally looking in this direction," Neri suddenly exclaimed as she blushed.

"C'mon Neri, he isn't interested in either of us. He doesn't even know us. Let's go to that store. I saw a cute blouse a while ago," I muttered as I dragged her away from the window.


It was already Monday and it was the annual academy fair. The fair isn't happening until tonight but Neri and I both volunteered to help with the arrangement. Too bad Neri was in another committee. She is with the sound committee while I was placed under the design committee. But we still see each other during break time.

It was the last day for the preparation and the general checking for the equipments and stuff. I made my way towards the back of the gym where our committee usually met. Our stuff and supplies were inside too.

When I opened the door no one was inside. It was empty except for our things. Where have they gone? I absolutely had no clue. But even if there weren't any people around, I began to work around the remaining designs and stuffs that weren't finished. Some paper lanterns were still undone and I still need to cut pink papers into small bits to make it look like petals. I couldn't do it alone seriously.

Just where the heck were my other committee members?

After an hour, I had managed to finish three paper lanterns and there were still a lot that was waiting to be finished. I slumped back on the wall to rest when I heard a door creaked as it opened.

"It's about time someone remembered the last meeting!" I exclaimed as I turned around to see who entered. I suddenly came face to face with Ryu-sempai who had the same surprised face as I had.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that someone was in here," he quickly apologized.

Yeah, right.

I didn't answer him and I just continued working on my fourth paper lantern and completely ignored him.

"Do you need any help?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

Save it for someone else.

"Yasaka Maki, right?" he asked again as I ignored his first question.

Surprised that he called me by name, I turned around and saw his serious face.

"You're Maki right?" he asked again as he sat beside me.

I just nodded.

"When I first saw you two years ago, I thought you weren't Maki because you kept on ignoring me. Don't you remember me?"

Okay, shoot! Totally busted. So I might explain who Ryu-sempai really is. When we were little, we were neighbors and childhood friends. He often came to visit our house to play. He was actually my first love but I never knew what his feelings are to me. But the time came when they had to move to another town. He admitted to me how much he liked me. He told me that we should meet again after one year under the sakura tree by the park where we usually played. A year went by but he didn't show up. End of the story for us. After that, I never went near that sakura tree anymore. But by mere coincidence, I found out that he was going to the same school during my first year. I tried to avoid him as much as I could. I gave him some time to approach me and explain why he didn't come, but he never approached me.

And now here he was, speaking to me after two years under the same school. Is he nuts?

"Maki?" he asked again as he interrupted my thoughts.

"What do you want from me?"

"Don't you remember our promise?"

"Of course I do! You were the one who didn't show up!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry, but there was a tragedy that happened. My mother was hospitalized during that time. But after that, I came back again every year. I thought you would come, too," he explained as his voice trailed off.

What the!? Is it true?

"But still, why did you talk to me just now? You saw me during my first year, right?" I asked him.

"I know, but I was waiting for you to approach me first. And every time that I saw you in the hallway, you would just ignore me. I thought you weren't Maki, I thought you were someone else," he poured into me.

"Ryu-sempai…" I started to say but before I knew it he was embracing me.

"Maki, I've waited for so long," he said.

Yeah, so this is the part where I was supposed to swoon and feel all giddy, but there was none of that. Except, I started to feel hot tears stinging my face. Drama much?

"Ryu-sempai, stop it. I don't belong to your world now. I may be your childhood friend, but you've changed. You're not the Ryu that I once knew," I said as I pushed him off.

"Maki, why? Aren't you glad?"

"Look at you, you're popular and a famous model. But what am I? Just someone," I said as my voice trailed off.

"Don't speak like that, Maki! You're not just someone and you're not my childhood friend!" he exclaimed.

Huh? So what am I really? Probably a snail which just popped out of nowhere?

"You're my first love," he whispered to my ear.

Oh. My. God. Swoon.


"Hush, don't speak," he said and before long he was already kissing me. "I've waited for so long."

Swoon. Swoon. Swoon. Have I mentioned swoon?


I managed to finish everything in the design list with the help of Ryu-sempai. Or should I say boyfriend? Or was it too early? The other committee members never arrived, but it was okay with me. I'm happy with Ryu-sempai.

Author's note:

Hi I'm sweetcynicism-chan! swee-chan for short! This is my first shoujo short story..probably i got the inspiration from reading all my shoujo manga..haha anyway that's the purpose of this account..to share my love for shoujo..and probably yaoi! hehe...so about the story..err. i really have nothing to say..but if people have questions, please review and i'll answer them!

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