-1Cold Haerts in Scarborough (Could I ask too much?)

I'm in the torrent

I'm no longer never me

I'm conceit

I defeat defeat

I know what I want and I'm making it me

Don't feed me the same lines

I'm not the kind to ignore the signs

I'm on my way and I'll be fine

I may be lonely, but I'm just fine

And I'm going to Scarborough Fair

And I know that she'll be there

But at this point I don't care

I'll play my whistle until its in key

I'll save up my money until I think I'm free

I'll be more than anyone could want me to be

But I'm doing this for me

So don't tie yourself to me

I'm just doing my own thing

This is what I call mental independence

If I'm going to climb this wall, it's for myself

'Cause no one else gave a shit

And I'm just passing through the Scarborough Fair

If she wants to change my tune, she'll have to do more than care

Because I've more than done my share

I've done the impossible

I've bet on the improbable

I've died and come out on the other side

Now it's time she gave it a try