This is written in reply to a poem a friend wrote. That's about all there is to say on this.

"As Your Spirit Cries Out"


Your mind breaking

Spirit withering

I look on, and my mind is made up.


I see you as you falter

Your existance slowly deteriorating

And know that it must end.


Your memories return

Haunting you like plotergeists

And thus I must prepare for the outcome.


Know this; do not forget

If you should shatter

I'll be there to repair you

Piece by piece.


If naught occurs

Then I may join in the celebration

As you conquer that darkness

Slowly trying to dissolve you.


I'm not alone in this belief

There are others beside you

Allies in this terrible trial.


We're all ready to help

So go out there, and do not waver, but if you do

We will be waiting to heal your wounded spirit.