Dieing Love

By: Tala Lakota

I looked into the darkness of his eyes

And he looked into the dull, blood-red of mine.

I don't remember his eyes being dark.

They used to be bright red. They could have lit up a cavern in a deep cave.


My body spasmed with pain and I gripped my stomach

I felt the fragmented sword there.

I tried to pulled it out but his hand,


His claw gripped my hand and stopped me.

I tried to fight against him but I was too weak.

"If you pull it out you'll kill yourself,"

He said to me but I didn't understand.

Everything was blurry the one holding me close

Was a black smear across my vision.

His skin was black? No, not skin. He didn't have skin.

What was it? It was hard and tough.

I was too tired to care.

I closed my eyes to sleep but he grabbed my shoulder and shook me.

"You can't sleep now," he said, but I still couldn't understand.

I tried to swat him away but all that I succeeded in doing was a small twitch of my arm.

My body shuddered again and he growled at something

There was a return roar and I heard him grunt.

"I love you," he said.

That I understood.

"Well I hate you. You won't let me sleep, you won't let me pull this chunk of steel out of my stomach

All I want to do is rest,"

I tried to say.

But all that came out was a gurgle and some blood.


Since I couldn't speak

I thought it as hard as I could. Hoping he would hear.

What right do you have?

I thought

Who said you could love me?

I just want to sleep.

It feels as if I've been awake for years.

But now that sleep is so close

You keep me awake

No one gave you the right!

No one ever said you could love me!


All this I wanted to say.

Suddenly there were voices in my head.

They were saying things


Stay awake, and

It'll be okay, and

Stay with us.

I tried to push them away

But they wouldn't budge.

So I tried to ignore them

But I couldn't

So I yelled at them

I told them to shut up

And that I hated them.

But they kept on persistently.

I mostly hate you

I thought at the one holding me.

I hate you with all my heart.

But as I thought this, my body,


Curled up closer to him

"I love you,"

He said pulling me closer to him

My body shuddered again

Scales, I thought

As the darkness closed over me at last

He has scales.

And so I welcomed the comforting darkness.


heehee, sorry honi is an "emo" friend of mine and ever since i wrote this depressing poem i've told all my friend that no him that i made a Honi.

this is my 1st ever "emo" poem partly brought on my Animewolf and partly b/c i'v always wanted to make something of this part of my story. anywho, if i ever get around to it, i'll illistrate this poem and/or write his point of view.

thanks for reading :D

btw for those who were wondering the girl whose narerating got stabbed(n the liver) w/ a barbed sword, so if she pulls it out she will die, also they r rideing a dragon that the girl is telepathicly bonded to the voices r those of the Black Dragon(midnight)and a Shadow Wolf(Shadow).

the one holding her is a 1/2 dragon(hince the scales and claws) 1/2 human and he just recently realized he loves her, awwwwwww, how touching, and depressing

depressing love death fantasy dragon wolf emo emotional