-1Black Men

Looking out on the street people ask where have all the black men gone? Black men are a dying species and without intervention, will be gone forever. This is shown throughout personal experience, documented facts, and stories such as Manchild in the Promised Land.

Personal has shown that the black man is a dying species by the simple fact that they feel that they will make it to do whatever they want with mediocre educational capacity. They may express the fact that they would like to be a scientist or lawyer but less than satisfactory grades keep them from achieving their goals. Therefore they end up in a place where they want to be blaming society for their problems, and in theory warping their reality of the world around them. A prime example is a young man who choose girls over a high education and now has no job and hangs out with his friends on the block all day.

Documented facts also prove this epidemic by revealing the graduation and dropout rates of these young black men. Twenty-six percent of the black men in NYC finished high school, and of that twenty-six percent only twenty-two percent finished college. Staggering numbers huh? Where will they go from there? I don't know maybe jail. Quoted from America Has Lost a Generation of Black Boys, "Black men in prison in America have become as American as apple pie." This shows how numb the American people are to this issue and so are the communities that raise these black men. Young Black men are negligible to them and they feel like they are gone why bother.

In Manchild in the Promise Land, by Claude Brown, these black men are distraught by the plague of drugs. They lose their lives once they become addicted to it and destroy, emotionally, their own people that love them.

In conclusion the species known as the black man is going to be non-existent if nothing is done to help them. This is shown in the pre paragraphs and will be shown as an adherent to the crash of young black men.