A/N: This is written for one of my characters in my upcoming story, just a bit of background of his race in form of poetry. Sorry the story isn't up here yet. Written from the perspective of a seer of the race.

Heroes some call us
And yet only after being saved
And yet when it's them we're fighting
They won't hesitate to kill

And yet they can't
Because devoid of emotion
The swords of justice and hope
Lie in our weathered hands

And ye thought the elves were better
Hah! A likely story I do say
Ask Ill'iandar or Se'yh
They'll tell you differently

We envelope war
It's first nature to us
And we eat justice
Three meals a day

Call on us when you need
Never charge a fee do we
We'll solve your problems if the cause is right
And vanquish the foes with ease.