Epilogue: History, the Way It Should Be

And so, lady Tiff married Andar of house Aillil and in time they had many beautiful children. In return for her service to Whitekeep, the nobles decided unanimously to award Tiff the title of princess. It was an unprecedented decision for them and for feudalism in general. I hope it will lead somewhere good.

Turien also married, but not to Perelle. As it turned out, she was exactly like those girls at school who sit at the popular table with the boys but aren't actually very bright and never end up marrying anyone. Instead, Turien met a beautiful commoner and fell in love despite the harsh restrictions on who a noble like he could marry. There was some business with a glass slipper that no one ever got to the bottom of, but everything turned out alright in the end. Some of the more irresponsible marriage laws were repealed.

As for me, I have been spending my time with that dashing elf that I met at the dance, many years ago. He's much more charming than you might expect.

-Lady Eldari's personal journal. Fourteenth day of autumn in the first year of the rein of Queen Tif'fani the second.

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