I was staring at him again, like I did so very often during the weekly yoga class. This staring no longer affected my ability, I had been coming consistently for the past couple of months and the different stretches and poses had become natural. I could easily let my mind wander, although it never wandered past the room. Actually, it never wandered past one person. Him.

He was older than me by at least ten years, with skin warm and honeyed by the sun and blond hair which grazed his jaw line –not much shorter than my own. I couldn't understand my own attraction as I watched his muscles contract and relax as my came forward out of downward dog and stood in mountain pose. He was definitely not my usual catch, but I still couldn't pull my eyes away.

We finished holding mountain pose and saluted the sun before settling onto the floor in locus position to begin meditation. The class had passed faster than I'd realised. I slowed my breathing, throwing one final glance in his direction before closing my eyes. He was staring back at me. My breath hitched in my throat and I became ridged. The moment before I'd shut my eyes, I swore I saw him smirk.

I could still feel his eyes on me as I kept my own shut, struggling to settle into my meditation. He stopped watching my face and instead surveyed my body as suddenly I felt self conscious, my tank top was low cut and my ballet tights form fitting. I thought back to when my friend had told me that the song 'fit but you know it' by The Streets described me perfectly. At the time I'd felt insulted but I knew it was true, I was petit with delicate features; pale flesh, pouted lips, dark mahogany hair, and wildly blue eyes. I had nothing to be shy about, but even without looking the heat of his gaze made a small flush of pink colour my cheeks.

Opening my eyes once again, I saw that he was still looking at me sidelong. I licked my lips, and a smirk once again graced his features. His eyes were blue, I noted, but a much paler colour than mine. They looked washed out, like a pair of jeans than had seen too many years of sunshine. I continued watching him as he watched me, before his eyes snapped back towards the front of the room. I realised our meditation was over and the class finished. Grinning I stood up slowly, my muscles protesting from the lack of relaxation they'd received during meditation.

By the time I'd wandered over to where I'd placed my gear before the start of class nearly all of the other participants had left; they were mostly the big city, workaholic types, always rushing from once place to another. I sometimes wondered how they didn't all end up with high blood pressure. I suppose because there's medication for that these days.

I slipped my feet into my pair of red converse and threw my black hoodie on, before slinging my messenger bag over my shoulder. Taking a quick drink from my water bottle I stored it away in my bag and headed for the exist, noticing that he was still standing talking to our instructor. I sighed, this definitely wasn't healthy. Well the yoga was, but lusting after a man ten years my senior when I didn't even know his name?

A few people called out greeting as I passed them. They were mostly young men who had spotted me in the past when I'd actually bothered to use the gym. Usually I just went to yoga, and occasionally martial arts when I felt in the mood. One of the men stopped me; he was one of the youngest, only just turned twenty one. I knew, last time he'd spotted me he'd chatted about how he'd just gotten off his P plates and now had a full licence.

"Hey 'Toby," he greeted using the abbreviated version of my proper name; October.

"Hey Liam," I replied, almost struggling to remember his name. "What's up?" I was impatient to get out the door but didn't want to offend him; he was a nice guy.

"Well, I'm going to this club later tonight with some friends, and I was wondering if you wanted to come," Liam asked. He looked hopeful.

"You know I can't Li'. I'm only seventeen 'member?"

"Yeah… I suppose but I'm sure you'd get in anyway. What bouncer in his right mind would keep a girl like you out?" he persisted.

I laughed lightly in reply. "Sorry Li', I just can't," I said, and gave him a smile which said 'forgive me'. "I'll be around next week though, how 'bout you spot me a few? I think I'm getting soft." He laughed at this and we said goodbye as I slipped past him and out the doors of the gym into the struggling spring sunshine.

I almost groaned as a cool breeze blew clouds between me and the sun, popping my earphones in and wrapping my arms around myself to stay warm; I hated chilly days such as this. Slowly the bass line of Good Charlotte's 'Time After Time' began in my ears and I broke into a steady walk, trying to ignore thinking about hike home which I had a head of me.

The rest of the band came in and I let my mind wander. It didn't wander far until it came back to him. I think I had a thousand questions that I wanted to ask. My mother had always called me nosey. My father had called it inquisitive. That's only one difference in opinion they have; it's not hard to see why the split up. I lived with my father now, and spoke to my mother very occasionally. I don't know where she lives but mostly I don't care. Her snobbish attitude annoys me, and I take too much after my father for her liking.

I had been walking for almost ten minutes and had slipped down a side road to make the walk quicker when I finally noticed that a car was following me. I stopped and turned to watch as it pulled up beside me, pulling the earphones off and letting them dangle around my neck as the tinted window rolled down.

The car was a metallic black, shiny and almost definitely expensive. I guessed it was a BMW or something; I wasn't good with cars. It was dark in the interior, but due to my small stature I didn't have to crane my neck downward to see who was behind the wheel.

The man from yoga class sat there, leaning casually back in his seat as the engine idled. "You want a lift?" he asked conversationally, smirking slightly at my obvious shock. I noted that his shorts had been replaced by a lose pair of jeans, but his dark t-shirt still remained.

"My mother always taught me not to accept a ride from strangers," I replied. It was a lie, my mother had left with her equally snobbish lawyer lover before she'd gotten around to that lesson.

"And my mother always taught me not to let pretty girls walk the streets alone," he replied, smirk still firmly in place.

I considered him for a moment, cocking my head to the side and pouting a little as I did. It didn't take more than a couple of moments to weigh my options. The fact that I hated walking home, and that it was cold outside were big deciding factors; but my curiosity –or nosiness as my mother called it- meant that I couldn't help myself. The worse that could happen? I would be murdered or kidnapped. I thought for another moment. Oh well.

"I suppose so," I finally replied, and he gestured to the passenger side door. As I walked around the car I considered relenting on my acceptance, but my mind was made up. I opened the door and cursed my curiosity; it was bound to get me in trouble on of these days.

Putting my seatbelt on I realised that the upholstery was leather; definitely expensive. He placed his foot on the accelerator the moment he heard the click of my belt, not saying a word to me as I watched him sidelong.

He offered a great distraction an it took me almost five minutes of us winding through city streets before I realised that he hadn't even asked me where I lived, and another moment to notice that we weren't going in the direction of my apartment. I felt a quick stab of fear, wasn't the saying that curiosity killed the cat?

"Umm… I don't live this way," I stated tentatively, bitting my bottom lip as I saw his eyes flicker to see my expression then back to the road.

He then gave a fluid laugh. If I wasn't so nervous I think I would have swooned. "Oh, sorry," he said, still smiling. "I thought maybe we could get a bite to eat before I dropped you off at home?"

I was silent for a while after this, and he kept sliding his eyes between me and the road, waiting for a reply. Was I the lamb for the slaughter? Or more appropriately, the cat? Schrodinger's cat? Alive and dead at the same time because I wouldn't know my fate until I stepped out of the car. It really was a shame I'd already made up my mind. Pig headed, that was another word my mother used to use to explain my behaviour.



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