A storm is coming, I can feel it
Don't worry, it's nothing, they say
A storm is coming, I tell them
It'll pass, they say, it will go away

It's the calm before the storm
Deception before disaster starts raging
I scream, they cannot hear me,
A storm is coming!

The first few drops fall
In the distance, the wind howls
I look up at the sky
Lightning dances as gray clouds roll

I felt two drops roll down my face
Drops fall hard against concrete
I gaze outside the window
As water and glass meet.

The storm is here, can't you see?
Still no one listens, no one hear me
It's raining hard, my face is wet.
I want to run out and meet the sky.

The storm is here, there's nothing I can do
Outside, lightning strikes and rain pours
The storm is here, they do not understand
That inside it rages even more.