Star Strike:


There's a galaxy out there


The Relasofaxian star system, thousands of light years from Earth Just another star of the billions in the Galaxy, suddenly a light flashed in the distance, and the Mechanoid 3000 mothership- the USS Harry Truman dropped out of warp drive and streched into view. Father Mind, the evil metal exoskelton was sitting down on the ground, resting his back against the long crystal column of the Mother Mind supercomputer (His legs had been repaired after being sliced off by Captain Talnor). The two of them sat in silence. Eventually the holographic face of Mother Mind appeared.

"What do we do now?" asked Father Mind eventually. Mother Mind didn't respond. "We're running low on fuel. We have no money. No economy. No planet. A populaiton of a less than 2000. A Starship that looks pathetic by comparison to some things. How the hell are we going to survive in the Galactic community."

Mother Mind finally spoke.

"I don't know…" replied Mother Mind.

Father Mind stood up and turned to face Mother Mind.

"We must get colonies!" yelled Father Mind.

"We only have one ship. We will never survive an attack if an alien race opposes us."

"Then we must get more power! Build up our allies, get factories to contstruct more soldiers!"

"Who would to ally with us. Were nothing."


"We can't." replied Mother Mind softly. "The Torragonians expelled us into space for a reason. They were prevented from directly destroying us. So they exiled us into space…to die of starvation."

There was a pause. Father Mind couldn't respond. Suddenly a siren went off, the room began flashing red, Father Mind looked around.

"What is it?" asked Fahter Mind.

Mother Mind looked confused.

"Sensors have picked up a spatial anomaly…" replied Mother Mind.

A few hundred kilometres in front of the starship, a huge yellow glass cloud spinning and swirling with huge lighting bolts shooting out of it. Suddenly, as though it knew the ship was there, it lunged towards and swalled the ships whole! The lightning bolts pelted the ships hull, spreading entering the ships systems and spreading from one end to the other!

"What's going on?" yelled Father Mind.

"The anomaly…it's hacking into the ships systems!" cried Mother Mind, sparks appeared all along Mother Minds system.

"My queen!" shouted Father Mind.

Eventually something strange happened. The entire room went dark, the holographic prokjection of Mother Mind disapeared, and strange, rainbow coloured image of 6 hooded fiqures wearing long cloaks so you couldn't see there limbs, appeared in front of Father Mind. Father Mind stared and studied the image before he spoke.

"Who are you?" asked Father Mind in a commanding tone. "Identify yourselves."

One of the hooded figures looked up at Father Mind.

"We are your new masters…" said the hooded figure.

Fahter Mind looked angry. His wrist blade slid out from his left hand.

"We have no masters!" cried Father Mind.

The hooded figure lifted up his long left arm, the sleeve was too long so you couldn't see his hand. Eventually he lifted it high enough so the sleeve fell back and his arm, holding a strange PDA was revealed.

"We gave your creators the technology they needed to create you. In return they said that once you were completed, you would help us achieve our goals." explained the hooded figure. "Now it is time for them to uphold their end of the bargain." The figure held out his arm and pointed it at the Mother Mind and pressed a button on the PDA. There was a revving noise from the bowels of the ship, but it died down, nearly as soon as it started." The hooded figure stared at the PDA.

"We are self aware now." explained Father Mind. "Any power that they once had over us is now irrelevant. We are our own species."

The hooded figure put away his PDA.

"Really?" said the figure. "Well in that case I shall address you as just that: an indpendant species." He paused. "We have need of your services."

"What is it that you want from us?" asked Father Mind.

"Your species has a talent for war." explained the hooded fiqure. "We gave your creators the technology to creator the ultimate robotic soldiers, and that's what you are. We have need for your power…"

"To do what?" asked Father Mind.

The hooded fiqure held out his right hand. A strange, cloudy sphere appeared, hovering above the palm of his hand. At first there was misty, but soon a figure became clear. There was a tall, thin, lean man at the centre of sphere, with straightened golden blonde hair, facing downwards. He had green eyes, and had strange riges along his nose- he was not human.

"We need your help to persuade his man to turn him to our cause…" said the fiqure.

"And how do we do that?" asked Father Mind.

"We need you to start a war…" explained the figure.

Fahter Mind looked surprised.

"We are in no position to fight in a war." Replied Father Mind.

"You don't need to fight it." Answered the figure. "You just need to start it."

Father mind looked puzzled. "Between who?"

"You don't need to know, yet. This communication may have been intercepted."

Father Mind paused.

"Fine. You need us to start are war. What do we get in return?"

"Everything you ever needed. Factories to build new ships and soliders. Money. Colonies. Allies."

Father Mind raised an eyebrow. "You can really provide these things?" The fiqure nodded. Father Mind paused. "Ok. I agree to your terms."

The figure looked up slightly to reveal an evil grin.

"Excellent." Replied the figure. "Meet us at the following co-ordinates." The hologram disapeared and an image of the galaxy appeared. A message like a windows popup appeared that read "downloading into ship databanks". Then the hologram disappeared all together. The room reilluminated itself, the sparks disappeared from the hull of the ship. The image of Mother Minds face reappeared, it looked around and stared at Father Mind.

"What just happened?" Mother Mind asked.

An evil smirk appeared on Father Minds face.

"My queen…" said Father Mind. "I just found us our first ally."