This isnt a break-up thing, although it may sound like one. Just something that popped into my head while walking with someone.


You told me you wanted me to stay,

But I knew I had to go.

You yelled at me,

You screamed,

You cursed.

I yelled back,

I screamed,

I cursed,

But I still wont listen,

When you tell me to stay.

Life isn't just a fairytale.

One word cant make me stay,

But they can make me go.

We were never the same,

Since we tried it 'together',

And you realized it would never work.

Your face doesn't hold me anymore,

Your eyes don't mesmerize me,

Your voice doesn't give me butterflies,

And you don't make me smile.

That feeling had been gone or a while,

I just didn't notice.

I told you I loved you,

But the moment I did,

I felt hollow.

I knew it wasn't true,

But what could I do?

You're not my pirate,

I was never your ninja,

You liked the idea,

I fell in-love with the feeling.

Life isn't a fairytale,

You cant tell me to stay.

Don't be mad,

Or have you forgotten already?

Don't be sad,

You wont miss me anyway.

You'll be fine.

Nothing will change.

We don't speak,

To eachother anyway.

You shouldn't talk to me,

Like you know what's going on.

You don't.

You don't know the real reasons why I'm leaving.

So don't pretend like you do.

I've told you stories,

About old friends,

True friends,

And past lifetimes.

But I never told you about,

The bad things.

The things that make me,

Into the horrible person,

That I know I am.

You make me feel worthless.




You make me feel horrible about myself.

You make me change.

You make me want to be different.

A different person.

One who's not me.

You don't love me.

Maybe I never did.

But I do know…

That I don't belong.

I know that this is better.

That I have to face my past.

I know that you'll never understand.

You'll never see.

How much you never really meant to me.

But the stories will continue,

The ones you never review.

They'll be about you and me,

Or maybe of someone new.

They'll keep coming,

Although we never met that end.

And that's okay,

Because I have someone else,


You asked for me to stay,

You told me that you would miss me.

But you always say,

'Nothing Lasts Forever."

So eat your words.

Chew them slowly.

Because that's the only thing you'll have left of me.

You cant chase the dog away,

But come back home,

And look longingly,

At the leash.

You're right,

I wont call.

I wont write.

I wont ever speak to you again.

It's better that way.

Life isn't a fairytale.

You cant make someone stay,

But then chase them away,

With a glance,

Or a sentence.

Or silence.

Life isn't a fairytale.

I'm not your knight in shining armor,

You're not my damsel in distress.


How about you just forget everything.

And call me,

When Hell freezes over.

I cant remember the last time I made you smile,


When I smiled,

I cant remember if they were real or not.

Too many were fake.

I didn't go to your party for you.

I went for the people who asked me to.

I'll never do anything for you.


When I leave,

don't say 'bye',

don't smile,

don't wave,

don't even ask 'why'.

Because I wont say a damn thing.

In a way,

You led me on,

And I did the same,

To you.

Life isn't a fairytale

I don't love you

You couldn't make me stay

Even if I wanted to