Her beautiful brown hair,

Wavy and thick,

That she says that she hates constantly,

But, it doesn't really matter what demeaning things she says to me about herself,

She's my best friend.


Her leaf-shaped periscopes of wonder,

Belonging only to her,

The hazels of eternity bliss,

Are something that you cannot simply miss,

Flecks of every single color,

Like her shining, bursting personality,

Opening the doors to her mind,

((that maybe I can only see?))

Contain the answers that you are looking for,

And so much more…


Than meets the eye.


Her communication is conjoined with her alluring eyes,

Shifting silently,

Bursting with soul or something to say,

She whispers softly, like the breeze running through the air,

Her majestic auburn hair bouncing, as we usually stifle a laugh,

Everything's a possibility for this wondrous girl.


I call her up late,

As the moon has been awake for a long time,

She doesn't care or complain,

She always helps me with my problems,

Consoles me to make me feel all worthwhile,

The truest friend that you can think of,

She is the better than what you know,

Or could imagine,

She's real as can be,

As some of you might disagree,

And she puts the best in best friend.


Hopefully I'll be able to keep up,

With her brilliance,

That's such a blinding sight…


She shines from above,

Like God gifted her,

I don't know what I even did to deserve her,

But something I did must have been right,

Because she likes me back,

We're the best friends,

It's too good to be true,


It doesn't matter,

Because I am savoring,

And tasting this magical serving,

Of what she is giving me,

I'm taking it all up.


The possible best thing about her,

Even though I cannot choose just one,

Is that she lives on humble pie,

And tells me what I imply,

(and sometimes say),

Directly on back to little old me.


Even though I do not believe her,

I secretly take it to heart,

She's my best friend,

I wish I would have known her from the start.


I would do anything for her,

As I know she would for me,

I've cleaned the whole world and back again,

Got on my knees and begged 'til the end of week,

Because going to her house,

Spending some time,

Is just the best thing in the world that I'd want to do,

With this miraculous best friend of mine.


She makes me seem absolutely normal in comparison to her brilliance,

She forces me to love myself, for me,

I am the person I am today,

Because she changed me to believe in myself,

I've come to grow toward her,

Like a grapevine extending a hand,

To friendship,

We toast,

While laughing along,

We understand everything about ourselves,

And that's all I can ask for.


But, despite everything, I love her,

And I know she loves me.


I know this is a never ending word symphony,

But I can go on, like fish in the sea,

One last word, (though I'll never want to stop),


This is one person that you cannot ever mistake, nor miss.