Average Girl

My wavy chocolate-colored hair,

My hazel tinted eyes,

I may seem like just a normal girl,

But I'm not.


I am average smart person,

Then there's some times, I just feel like I am underestimated,

Because I've been told my common sense is very good,

I give advice to my friends,

Even though it's just my thoughts.


From the outside,

I may seem like the quiet, polite girl,

With always the right answer to your problems,

Whatever you may see.


But on the inside,

Is something only a select few can view.


I am a soul,

Waiting to burst out,

Lingering on happiness,

Pondering my inner thoughts,

My hopes,

My dreams…

It seems like I am an average girl.


There comes an occasion,

Being sometimes hollow or lonely…

But, when I am with people that love me,

I feel grateful to have them.


It may still seem that I am just your ordinary girl,


I am eclectic to the Earth's existence,

My friends tell me so,

I don't know if that is a good thing,

Some call it weird,

Or 'special',

But, whatever you say,

I embrace it.

It is who I am,

What makes me,


It's why I am like this today,

Made me meet the people I've met,

Learn lessons that I would have never crossed,

Took morals from my mistakes…


Forced me to take the roads that I've taken,

It might be the road less traveled,

But I wouldn't know,

It's just the answers that are calling out to me,

My name,

Echoing, ricocheting off the wall of the empty abyss of the world,

Enticing me to do the right thing in my mind,

Take. the. road. less. traveled.,

Think. outside. of. the. box, and my comfort zone,






Be different.




I may not be a genius,

A cheerleader,

Or anything like that…


But I am not average.


I am me.