Alice in Blunderland

by: Kay Ambers

Alice stood there, her large blue eyes narrowed slightly as she focused on something way off in the distance.

This something was a sign.

Alice couldn't quite remember how she got here.

She couldn't even remember what she was supposed to be doing, although she knew for sure she was supposed to do something.

Alice tried to remember what. She tried and tried and tried. She tried so hard to remember that she got a headache.

Alice watched a butterfly glide by. She watched it sore high into the sky until it was gone.

She noticed, suddenly, that her headache had vanished. As if it had drifted away with the butterfly.

She decided to return to what she was doing, now that she felt better.

But what had she been doing?

She had been doing something.

Alice tried to remember what. She tried and tried and tried. She tried so hard to remember that she got a headache.

Alice didn't like feeling this way. She felt that something was very wrong. In fact, she was sure it was.

Something was wrong, wasn't it?

Alice wasn't so sure.

Alice thought that Maybe nothing was wrong.

Maybe she was wrong to think something was wrong when there wasn't anything wrong at all.

Maybe that's what she felt was wrong.

She decided that was indeed the reason she felt that way.

Yet some how, that didn't quite make sense to Alice.

Alice decided that she didn't want to think anymore.

She had been trying to for so long, and the only result was a headache.

It was silly to carry on this way.

Alice's feet hurt, and she realized with a start that she had been standing for a very long time.

She started walking, searching for something to sit down on.

Although it didn't really feel like that's what she was looking for.

It felt like she was looking for something else.

Something important.

Alice realized she had started thinking again, and that her headache was getting worse.

She promptly stopped thinking.

She just walked.

Down, down, down, the little dirt path, and off towards the sign in the distance.

A sign so big and tall, with such bold lettering, that Alice could read it from where she was.

Not that she did read it.

Instead Alice merely looked at the sign. She looked and looked as she walked on towards it, but she never read it.

Alice didn't know why, in fact, a very small part of her was crying out that she should read it.

But that would require thinking.

So Alice just walked on, looking and looking at the sign as her feet walked her down the narrow pathway.

Down the path that led to the sign.

The sign that was so big and tall, and with such bold lettering, the words painted on it could be read from many, many miles away.

The words painted on it that clearly stated, "THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD ↓".