"Today I have no soul." Alice asserted.

It wasn't really how she felt.

Alice knew she had to say it though.

She knew they were listening to her.

Watching her.

Waiting for her to say it.

So she did.

And then, just to be sure they heard, Alice said it again.

"Today, I have no soul!"

Alice felt as though she had said it a little much.

She regretted saying it a second time.

She was afraid now.

Now they might not believe her.

They would try to take her soul.

Ever since Alice had bled her way here, she had been afraid.

They had already taken her innards.

Alice knew that she didn't always HAVE innards.

But now she would never have innards.

They were also about to steal her soul.

So Alice did the only thing she knew how.

Alice grabbed picked a knife from the knife tree.

And Alice started towards those bitches.

They wouldn't keep her innards.

And they wouldn't steal her soul.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were going down.