Me and my cigarette,
We just don't understand;
You take all your money
And put it in evil hands.
You get rich quick,
but you're never rich enough.
And all you do is whine,
Pretending your life is rough.

Me and this cigarette,
We just don't get it.
Your an idiot and an asshole
And everything you say is shit.
Talk, talk it up, man,
You're real cool.
But at the end of the day,
You ain't nothing but a fool.

Me and my cigarette,
You know we see eye to eye;
We treat our ladies real good,
Would never want them to cry.
But you and your buddies,
And all the guys in the world,
Really never seem to get it;
You don't know how to treat a girl.

Me and my cigarette,
We've been real good friends.
I thought we really was
Gonna be friends until the end.
But you know just the other day,
Bastard tried to kill me.
So I tossed him to the ground,
And stomped him out, you see?