There are laws in China people just don't follow, and that's okay, because it's China, and if everyone chooses to ignore a law, you might as well too. Like the law against spitting, and I'm sure there's probably one about driving in your lane and not on the wrong side of the road or up on the sidewalk, maybe even something about tax of some kind, on restaurant bills or incomes. But really no one pays much attention, and when they do, it's to get around it. Street vendors? All unlicensed, and god bless 'em too. The market seems freer here than at home in our capitalism versus their communism. No pr0n, no wikipedia? There are ways to get around restrictions like that, you just have to care enough to try. Though BBC is unavailable even by proxy. 'Oh China,' we say as we watch the bikes cutting off the cars through a red light, as we sit in our black cab in the bike lane. And our cab driver honks. 'Oh China,' is all you can say when you hit the bureaucratic mess and don't know which way is up or down but do know that if you yell a lot and have cash (or know the right people) it will all be okay. And as for the street vendors, they'll keep shuffling a block away and back again as the 公安 (gong'an) stroll by.