Three Perspectives

Ladies and gentlemen, I continue to present to you a scene in three perspectives with two possible answers, but only one definite outcome.

Finally, for our third and most possible option, the scenario if the boy that this girl so clearly admires... to be quite blunt... only likes her as a friend.

It's your typical April Friday morning. The sun has barely started to rise and somewhere, a 16-year-old boy is catching up on his sleep...


Perspective Three: If He Didn't Like Her

So I'm just catching up on my sleep and all of a sudden, my best friend pulls my hood over my face, yelling for me to wake up and some other things I don't think should be repeated in civilized conversation. But hey... what can you do? Then the principal drags him off for some off-the-wall reason, and I start doing the Econ. homework that I probably should have done last night.

Then she walks up to me, and something seems a bit off. She seems a bit more nervous than usual, which is a bit strange, and she just waves hello. I say, "Hey."

"H-hi." She keeps staring at the floor, it's really weird. Usually she's good about keeping eye contact. I'm going to ask her if she's OK, but then she speaks up again. "Umm… so… I was wondering…" She sounds really nervous, and I really have to wonder if anything was wrong. I knew if it was anything horrible, she probably would've gone to one of her other friends. But, you never know.

"Yeah?" I ask.

Her next question explains everything. "Ummm… well… prom's next month… umm… annnd… a-are you going?" She looks absolutely terrified, like a deer in headlights.

And suddenly it hits me. She has a crush on me. Oh. Crap. She has a crush on me."Maybe…" I answer cautiously. "Why?" More importantly, how am I going to tell her that I don't like her the way she obviously likes me?

She takes a deep breath and makes me feel even guiltier. "Well, um, I was wondering if maybe, um, y-you'd go with me." She looks at me, her eyes huge and filled with fear. "A-as friends," she adds quickly.

I know she doesn't mean as friends. She definitely does not mean as friends. But what am I supposed to do now? Craaaaaap… "Um…"


Ladies and gentleman... a scene in three perspectives. Good night, drive carefully, and be sure to tip your waiter.