as soft as the sun's pink shadow
in the early morning sky
dreams paint the same color
all over my face

I know not everything that I could
about you, yes I realize that
but I know more than what you think
there are still unanswered questions I have...

as to who you are...
things like your motivation
what keeps you smiling
yet isolated

but even without my questions answered
I can feel my blush soft, and warm
on display for you to see

my body figures out quicker than my mind
my emotions from things good
((like this))
but bad, too
((from my past))
but I'll enjoy the emotion this time.

I am an artist
my body must know that well
it paints the picture for me.

loving this one so much more than the others, too.
even if it is not perfect,
my blush is much lighter
much prettier
more of a masterpiece

I want to thank you
((you know who you are))
for letting the brush inside of me
paint freely again.