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Chapter I


Keisuke was one of your everyday Japanese school boys, he'd go to school, learn, and then go home just like every other student. He wasn't the smartest person in his school, but he wasn't the dumbest either, he could easily maintain a B average, if he studied, but sense he doesn't, he keeps a C average. Keisuke also had many problems in his life, the fact was that he looked similar to a girl. With his small figure and short brown hair, he was often mistaken for a girl. But he wasn't unattractive, he was very cute, in fact, girls and guys would come up to him and start talking to him for random reasons. There have been a few people that would ask him if he wanted to go out with them. But Keisuke would always turn them down; he didn't have the time for those kinds of people. The only person he would even remotely hang out with was his best friend, who also happened to be the most popular girl in the school, Kana. People would think that because the two hang out in the hallways and sit next to each other in class that they were secretly together. Even though that was not the case, the rumors spread throughout the school, but neither of the two friends cared what their class mates would say.

Today was just like any other day; Keisuke woke up, got himself ready for school and would proceed to walk to school with his backpack flung over his shoulder.

"KEI!" yelled a girl from behind Keisuke, it was Kana. As usual she wore her school uniform, but it was shorter and tighter then the other girls' uniforms, probably because she looked more like a woman then any normal high school girl. That was one of the reasons she was so popular.

Keisuke turned around and smiled at her and waited for her to catch up to him. They would always walk to school together, telling each other about the previous evening or about what they were going to do that day.

"Kei, after school, do you want to come with me to meet my family?!" Kana asked him. Despite having known each other sense they were five and now both being fifteen, he'd never once met any of Kana's family members. Now that he thought about it, neither of her parents had ever come to parents' day over the years.

"Sure," Keisuke replied smiling. Kana would occasionally come over to his house when his older sister was staying at her boyfriend's house for the weekend. Keisuke's parents had died in a car crash a few years ago, so he and his sister lived alone in a small under kept home.

"YAY!" Kana exclaimed "Then we'll meet after our last class at the gates, okay?!" Kana and Keisuke had different classes during the last period, so they would always just meet up at the gates and walk home together.

"Okay then," Keisuke said. He was eager now for the end of the school day so that he could go home with Kana. Once they finely reached their school, Kana would wave goodbye to Keisuke, so that she could hang out with her other friends until class started.

Keisuke would be alone till then, he didn't really have any other friends other then Kana, but someone would always come up to him and talk to him. Today was no exception. A boy, probably about seventeen with short pitch black hair and large muscular body, had come up to Keisuke.

"Hey Keisuke!" the boy said, his name was Taka someone who had also grown up with Keisuke along with a few other students in the school. The two were of friends, but not as close as Keisuke and Kana were.

"Hi Taka," Keisuke said smiling, he had always looked up to Taka, he was caption of almost every sports team in the school and because of that, he was one of the most popular guys. In fact him and Kana were secretly going out with each other, and Keisuke was the only other person that knew about it.

"I was thinking, and I realized that you aren't in any after school clubs right?" Taka asked. Keisuke knew where Taka was heading.

"That's right, and no I won't join any of the teams," Keisuke said point blank. The truth was that Keisuke really DID want to join a team or a club, but most of the boys on the teams would often try to violate Keisuke, and if Keisuke got closer to them by joining their team it would only make him a sitting duck.

"Come on Keisuke! I know about what the guys have done to you, and I promise that I'll protect you from them!" Taka proclaimed. That didn't make it any easier, Keisuke was smarter then that, those guys would get around Taka easily if they put their mind to it.

"Taka, it's not that," Keisuke said, walking down the hall and through the sea of students. Taka had a hard time keeping up with him, because Taka was much bigger the Keisuke was. "It just, I'm not all that athletic so I'd just bring the team down," that was also something that Keisuke was afraid of, he hated it when he would let someone down, it made him feel horrible.

"Please Keisuke?" Taka asked "I can put you on the soccer team, because your so small you might be a little faster then the others! Just trust me!" There was Keisuke's weak point, he could trust everyone and anyone, didn't matter if they looked evil and twisted, Keisuke would still trust them.

Keisuke sighed and gave up, Taka had tried to get Keisuke on one of the teams sense he became captain of the soccer team and today it seemed to Keisuke that Taka was determined. "Fine," Keisuke said in defeat "I'll join the soccer team."

Taka smiled brightly "Thanks Keisuke!" He said. The bell rang just as Taka said that and the two walked off to their class. The school day was pretty normal that day, People coming up to Keisuke and asking him out and what not and Keisuke turning them down. It had now pretty much become Keisuke's daily routine. But today was just a little different; a group of boys had come up to Keisuke and surrounded him.

"Hey Kei," Said one of the boys that seemed to be the leader of the group. His name was Yukio, he was eighteen and muscular. Keisuke couldn't figure out why he'd come up to him with his friends, that were just as big and muscular as him.

Keisuke didn't respond to Yukio, but it didn't faze him. "I thought that maybe sense this is my last year and seeing how the end of the school year is coming up, how's you say we have a little fun?" Yukio asked with a twisted and evil smirk.

Keisuke shook his head and tried to move his way past the group of guys, but to no avail. "Aw, that's too bad," Yukio said and snapped his fingers. Two of Yukio's friends and grabbed Keisuke by each arm and lifted him off his feet with ease.

"Let go of me!" Keisuke proclaimed squirming in the two guys' grasp.

Yukio smirked and started walking away, the group of guys fallowing him with Keisuke in their grasp. They fallowed him all the way to a part of the school that was no longer in use due to a earthquake that'd destroyed that part of the school. Yukio turned around and the two guys holding Keisuke, placed him down on the ground.

Yukio smirked once more and grabbed Keisuke's small arm "You guys stand out here and make sure no one finds us, got it?" Yukio said dragging Keisuke into an abandoned class room and then shoving him to the floor.

Keisuke winced as he made hard contact with the floor then staggering to his knees. "What do you want?" Keisuke asked, a hint of fear hidden in his voice.

Yukio leaned in close to Keisuke's face and gripped his chin with his hand. "Fun," he said simply and the pushed Keisuke back to the floor.

Hitting his head hard on the floor, Keisuke let out a gasp of pain and gripped the back of his head. "Please, just leave me alone!" Keisuke pleaded.

Yukio smirked and shook his head "Nah, I think I'll actually have fun today!" he said evilly as he grabbed Keisuke's hair and pulled Keisuke's head back. "On your hands and knees kid," Yukio said.

Keisuke obeyed and made his way onto his hands and knees. He prayed that nothing would happen to him, he mentally yelled out for someone to come barging through the door and help him. Or maybe have Yukio get bored of him and let him go with out laying a finger on him. Either way, Keisuke's odds of leaving the empty class room without having permanent mental scars, where pretty slim. And Keisuke, knew it.

-----To be continued-----

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