Oh, pretty, pretty please,
Can I be the guy this time?

I'm tired of being the one crying;
Done with being used;
Sick of being abused.

Oh, pick me; pick me!
I want to be the guy this time!

I'd love you and leave you;
Hell, I'll sleep with your best friend;
I wouldn't be the one hurt.

I'm sick of being the girl,
I'll be the guy this time.

I'll claim that I'm the gay (I won't be),
And I'll say I'm moving away,
To ease the pain you're already in.

Ugh, I'm tired of this!
Let me be the guy for once!

I'll be the one giving you the orders;
Abusing you verbally and physically;
I'll be the only one talking.

Oh, God, please tell me why!
Why did you have to make me the girl?