I looked upon you from afar

with a tainted lust that drove

my inner spirit like no woman

ever had before

and what I got in return

was a case of lies and deceit

you cozied up to me, to spin your yarn

to convince me that you were not

the betrayer I'd originally thought

and that you hadn't been taught by the Hag.

It was in your deceiving eyes

that made me realize the truth

even as you seduced me

You were the worst of all

preying on the innocent, then leaving them when they came to care for you, you, the harlot of Bethlehem, who came second to Mary. The one never spoken of, because of her treachery.

You fancy yourself a wolven Goddess

claiming to channel Aphrodite

When what you show others is channelling Loki.

I'm glad I knew better

getting into this relationship

to have gotten my rabies shot.

Or else you might have infected me with your pretentious failings

and turned me away from those I love.

You blinded me with false love, and adoration, and you never will again.

You may have been the wolf, baby

but I am the Hunter. and I always win.