Let the moon shine
Through your bedroom window,
Let your blankets protect you
From the winter cold,
Let the music play softly
So you can sleep in peace,
Because tomorrow when you see me
All of hell is going to be set free.

Please don't pretend you weren't out with her
Please don't pretend you two are only just friends
Please don't pretend you always think of me,
Because we've been together for so long now,
I know you inside and out,
Your likes and dislikes
And I know when you're falling in love with someone
And when you're falling out.

You've always told me
That love is something special,
A precious gem that is hard to find
And sometimes hard to hold.
You just have to continue digging
Until you have found
What you are looking for.
But I guess you were digging in the wrong hole
Because what you are looking for is not there
And you won't find it anymore.

I'm through with being your rag doll,
You only play with me when you get bored,
Well now I'm here to tell you
That you can't push me anymore,
I may have been someone with you
But I'm someone better without you.