Take Note: Two familiar characters are being re-used for this short prose.

End Of All Hope
By: Outlaw-2

Theme Song
End Of All Hope – Nightwish

It is the end of all hope
To lose the child, the faith
To end all the innocence
To be someone like me
This is the birth of all hope
To have what I once had
This life; unforgiven
It will end with a birth

No will to wake for this morn
To see another black rose born
Deathbed is slowly covered with snow

Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
Alone as they are drawing near
In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

Wounded is the deer that leaps highest
And my wound it cuts so deep
Turn off the light and let me pull the plug

Mandylion without a face
Death wish without a prayer
End of hope
End of love
End of time
The rest is silence

… … …

1st Fall

Night filled the skies with glorious snow whilst the ground stained variant shades of crimson; humans', and the unknowns'. Heavy footsteps were heard while silent drippings of life left a trail of red behind; two beings were obviously on the run. Even though through the chilly, snowy weather the climate was, it barely faze the duo; they were too pre-occupied with one objective on their mind.

"Escape, as far as we can. The battle was futile; we're on the run, from 'that'."

The one who only had a few bruises and scratches stood a woman in her late twenties. She possessed long silver hair that was left loose, with its ends near her hips. Grey were her eyes, and as by far the amount of moonlight it had produced as lighting, she has a rather smooth complexion… and an old wound that kept ripping open on her midriff if left alone. Several belts bonded the grievous gash, just enough to prevent it from opening again. Even though she had initially wore a black dress over the belts, an unbuttoned overcoat that runs all the way to her ankles, and canvas shoes, all was left on her clothing after the ambush was…

Her black dress now reminded her of a nightgown, while her brown, leather overcoat had several rips and shreds here and there, yet still functional to warm her body up. Her shoes were still intact, but the tightness it usually had, had broken down, now a more comfortable one. Her right hand held a katzbalger, while over her left arm was her only surviving comrade, who needed support to stand. Unlike the said woman, her companion had inflicted more damage; her arms were dominantly covered with scratches while some deeper gashes were spotted near the elbows and wrists. Not only that, her torso had, too, received about the same damage as to her arms. However, it was her legs that had taken the most harm- the petite structure stumbled even on the said woman's support.

"Tessa!" said the woman with silver hair with a tone of panic.

"This is nothing," Tessa replied with a twinge of pain in her voice, regarding about the wounds she had. "This is just nothing, Raquel."

Tessa, Raquel's only ally left, stood about seven centimetres shorter than the grey eyed 1.72 metre woman. Her hair was of natural orange blonde that runs down all the way to her busts. Streaks of grey and maroon were her eyes that were often seen in a rather deadpan manner. Her clothing was of a brown leather shirt and long grey skirt that was of cotton while an overcoat about the same as Raquel was worn over, unbuttoned, and rather starched. Her shoes were of the same material as her comrade's, but had a bit more elegance to the style. However, due to the recent ambush, the blonde's clothing were much in the same condition as Raquel's.

The snow marked their trails, obviously a bad sign that they would be tracked down easily. The taller woman, knowing the increasing danger considering that they were in the hotspot, carried the petite Tessa in her arms while increasing her pace from a walk, to a constant jog. The soft snow beneath her footwear somehow bogged her speed down, as more pressure was applied onto the ground. She took wider steps to counter the problem; it did not help much- a rustle behind her was heard.

Raquel kept looking on straight, not wanting to know what was lurking behind her. The said rustle soon turned to a crumple, most probably had stepped on fallen tree branches. Raquel's fear kicked in; in desperation, as much as she could, she scrambled down the path before kicking herself away from it after spotting a fissure in a boulder, big enough for two of them to enter. The hard, rocky surface of the stone made more scratch marks onto her arms, but she did not care; it was her life and Tessa's that concerned most.

Grey eyes shut tightly while her arms held tightly towards her injured comrade. The crumple that she had heard earlier on had ceased much too long ago for her. She had expected another form of sound, signaling that 'it' had came nearer. Nothing; just an eerie silence that was enough to pump in dread into her mind. Raquel glanced at the woman she carried; her condition seemed to have worsened compared to the time when they escaped from the assault. Tessa's breaths were heavier than usual; her blood loss might be the cause of it-.

A hard thud was heard. Raquel jolted at the sudden noise. She paused while Tessa was pre-occupied with her injuries. The taller lady froze for a moment before she scrambled out of the fissure. A powerful crack ensued, this time ripping though the boulder, leaving simply rubble. There it was, thought Raquel. It was that… 'thing' that was after them. It was often in the shadows, revealing little of its features. All Raquel and Tessa knew; that the 'beast' was thrice as big as Raquel, and had maniacal strength to even rip a human body apart. The silver haired woman panicked, most obviously frightened by the sight as she scrambled away from it through the forest, weaving through the maze of trees to minimize falling victim from 'that'.

Constant thuds were heard behind her; obviously that the 'beast' was after them. They had started out the battle with forty-seven to dealt with the 'beasts' after losing some three lives while on the journey to the north. However, even though outnumbering the 'beasts' by several-fold, only two of three were killed, at the cost of forty-five lives. And both Tessa and Raquel are the remaining two that were still alive. It was as if they were sent on a suicide mission without notice. A hard thrust sent them stumbling to the ground, with the petite lass a distance away from the other being. A seemingly growl ensued, before sending a hard sweep into the taller lady's torso. An audible gasp left her mouth before a trail of crimson followed suit, staining the innocent white snow. Raquel was barely fit to even attack, but compared to Tessa; the blonde was literally unable to fight at all, considering that she had lost her broadsword back at the ambush site.

However, being too pre-occupied with the thought that ran though her mind, the silver haired lass had not realized the 'beast' had initiated an assault… to her comrade. A cold blast of wind blew into her face with such ferocity, as if signaling Raquel to run away, selfishly leaving her only ally alone, vulnerable to any assault. Her right arm shadowed over her eyes, allowing her to see what was in front of her, if she could make out the figures from the constant obstructions by the falling snow-. A cry rang into her ears; Tessa's. Several forms of blood splattering were heard, wringing Raquel's heart. Desperation kicked in; grasping her blade with haste, she dashed aimlessly through the heavy snowfall, initiating a clumsy overhead strike to the bigger being.

"Leave my ally alone!" she wailed, as her eyes were blinded by the white, cold fragments of frozen water. "Leave us alone!"

Even though she was attacking ever so aimlessly, Raquel's attempts did manage to leave a wound or two onto 'it', making it toss the petite woman aside while retreating through the snowstorm. The silver haired woman went on with that stint for the next few moments before she ceased when she lost balance, and hit the ground with an audible thud. Her mind was filled with concern over her only ally- no, her only friend at this time. Without any care of standing up, she crawled her way towards the gasping Tessa, who seemed to be on her last legs before death. The blonde had inflicted heavy damage; the left side of her torso had skin hanging by the sides, leaving much of her wound open. Grey-maroon eyes gazed at Raquel blankly, as if wanting to simply her face before passing on. But the taller lass had other ideas; ripping a portion of her black dress, she bounded the petite woman's midriff, reducing the amount of bleeding.

With haste, she then got to her feet, while carrying the said lady in her arms. Still determined to escape from the dreaded 'beast', Raquel began dashing her way through the labyrinth of naked trees, though without a proper direction. They could not tell whether they were heading back South, or deeper into North. Raquel's mind wandered. It was obvious; the sudden assault to her torso by that 'thing' somehow managed to affect her mind. Her vision was shifting, one moment she would see only bright light, while the next, pitch black darkness. Drool left her mouth, her body gave way. Raquel's balance went offset as she careened for the downward sloped ground.

However, landing onto such a steep decline, it only caused the duo to slide downwards; looking like dolls, before all the duo could see was just thick fog beneath them. They knew what had occurred…

…They had just gone over the edge of a cliff…

"I… don't want to die, yet," muttered Raquel before knocked out unconscious.

… … …

Death; is it simply just shutting one's eyes forever?
Painless; wait, then why do I cry at the wounds inflicted?
Futile; is it really so easy to give up?
Hopeless; then why I do keep living?

To Be Continued