Flavor of Voice

Taste the words upon you lips

How they are so bitter

The citrus encircling your smile

Did you think before you spoke?

Because all I hear is sour

Sweet words

So sugary I'm feeling sick

A potent mix of ecstasy

Has got me feeling dizzy

Comforts of a sugar high

Failures of the senses

Salty drops

Laments of years gone by

These tears uttered into the air

The sweats of miles of anguish

Becoming shuddered lies

A sharpness coating the tongue

Sandpaper rips the words away

Burning senses are inflamed

Heat forced out with each breath

Scorching each thing it does touch

My ears are ringing

Each flavor scarring me

Slowly intoxicating me

Wishing my mouth were numb

I'm allowing myself to be force fed

Simply cannot force the words away

Even though they're killing me

I shouldn't take your home brewed poison

It is yours to drink, not mine

I need to purge the death out

Drink in the water of life

Wash these flavors from my throat.