Author's Note: Hello again, all! Ah, how good it is to be posting another chapter. It feels like awakening from a long sleep, a sleep void of creativity. But I have returned with more!

In this riveting chapter, I have decided to release Shoko's true feelings to the world. It will astound readers, I can assure you! Happy reading, friends!

After Bitcoho had teleported away Shoko stood in shock. The blood still trickled in fresh streams down her arm, plip-plip-plipping to the floor. Slowly, she turned to Jiro.

"What did you do?" Shoko's voice was shrill.

"I am sorry. Let me explain. You see, I am a vampire. I have been looking for the perfect girl; charming, suicidal, allergic to numerous things," Jiro said. Shoko's eyes welled with tears of pretty love.

"You really care? You won't throw pencil erasers at me?" She babbled.

"Girls with allergic reactions turn me on," he sighed dreamily.

Shoko's eyes sparkled. "Will you edit my poetry?"

"I shall love you and your poetry forever," Jiro solemnly vowed.

"Oh, Jiro!" Shoko flung her pretty, perfect self at him. All of a sudden, Shoko felt very strange.

"Oh, no! It's starting! You're changing! We have to leave!" Jiro cried.

But it was too late! Shoko cried out as fangs sprouted from her teeth. Her eyes turned red. She became pale and gothy. She was a vampire!

"Oh, no!" Shoko said, crying. "I suddenly have the urge to kill people! But I cannot do that! I'm allergic to blood and killing!"

Jiro and Shoko didn't know what to do. But Shoko was really smart so she always had an idea.

"I know! I'll be a vegetarian vampire!" She exclaimed. Jiro shook his head.

"My dear Shoko, how will you do that? It is impossible."

"I'll show you." Shoko said.

Shoko walked up to a girl she knew. One who pelted erasers at her.

"Hello, Kelly," she said. Shoko wasn't so shy anymore because when Jiro turned her into a vampire she became beautifuler than all the girls. She was like an Aphrodite!

"Oh god! Shoko! Is it you?!!" Kelly cried happily.

"Yes. I am beautiful, now," Shoko said.

"That's great! See you in math!" Kelly called.

Shoko walked back to Jiro.

"Shoko, you are truly amazing. I have never seen something as brave as that," Jiro said in awe.

"Jiro, don't you understand? It is friendship that helped me. Friendship is the greatest power I possess. It is what makes me more amazing than anyone else. Friendship is what makes me strong. Friendship!" Shoko cried.

Jiro could now see how wise and perfect Shoko was. She was so right. Shoko could write poetry better than anyone. She was prettier than anyone. She was the best. He wasn't worthy.

"Jiro. We should run away together and elope! Let's leave this place! Let's find Bitcoho and defeat her!" Shoko said.

"No," Jiro said.

"Yes!!" Shoko said.

"We can't defeat her. She is stronger than she seems." Jiro shook his head.

Shoko did not see how teleportation was 'strength,' but she knew that Jiro was right. They had spent so much time together; so she knew that he was worthy of her trust more that anyone else.

More than anyone she had ever met in her entire life. Maybe even more than friendship itself.