I want to help our dying world. But can I? Is planting a tree and turning off lights going to make such a difference? Am I actually helping, or is it all just something to make us all feel better? Do all the little things actually make a big difference?

I don't know. I am not a soothsayer, nor a scientist, but I think that there are enough people on this flippin' planet that if we all turn off the taps, flick a light switch, be happy with what we have and not want something bigger, better, that maybe we could help.

Maybe together we posses a power that could change the current state of Mother Earth,

So please. Do something good. Have a personal Random Act of Kindness a day. Turn off your idling car. Don't heat your house when you're away. Turn off your taps, lights, cars, and television. Go outside and breathe. Hold the door for someone. Say please, and thank you. Just help. Time is ticking away with every second, and it is precious. Help out. Raise money for a charity, or give to a homeless shelter. Volunteer.

If we don't take care of the Earth and other people, there is no-one else to. Move your butt, and do something helpful.

Pennies add up. If we all gave a few, we would be rich. This isn't just for today. It's for Forever. At the end of Time and Space and all things, we can't expect Utopia.

We have to make it today.