in shades of gray, i can spot you, like an echo in the silence. oh, but it's a blur of bubbling laughter that dips in and twirls out, fading into shades of scarlet and red; crimson like the cherry colored smiles i knew i could never catch.

i close my eyes and hold dear to this beating heart the agony of infatuation and unreciprocated love, hope you feel it too. shut my eyes a little tighter, whisper a little quieter, clench my fists a little harder β€” can't you feel it thudding in your heart as well?

so lovesick over orange skies and red stop lights. they all remind me of you β€” the blurs of reds and plaid all lacing together into one color β€” the only color created for you.

flawless being, i love the way you linger, but faultless creature your imperfection is that i'll never have the chance to hold your heart to my own. after all, the only thing i saw in your eyes were orange skies and no one could fall up anyways.

don't let my fingers wrap around your presence if you're going to leave me (breathless) anyway.

goodnight tonight my forever (hapless) infatuation, i'm not letting you slip away from these ice cold fingers.

a/n: it's long overdue. dedicated to a forever infatuation whom i could never write about. written for my very good friend, jaki, who always gives me a reason to write.