Chapter 2-

The room was still, silent. A little girl lay fast asleep on the bed. The window slowly inched open. An agile figure slipped inside the child's room. Bailey watched in horror, wishing she could warn herself.

The dark person slipped a cloth over the mouth of the girl. Then lifted her and slipped back out the window….

Jolting pain and the loud voices of the kidnappers awoke her from her drug-induced slumber. Her tiny wrists were tied roughly behind her back and a strip of dirty fabric was wrapped around her eyes. The van hit a bump and she lost her balance and fell against the side of the van. Pain shot through her right wrist as it hit at an odd angle. She cried out and was quickly backhanded by one of the men.

Screaming in utter terror Bailey shot up on the bed. Shaking and sweating she wrapped her arms around her knees. Could her mother be right were the memories simply bad dreams? Were they not really memories at all?

Crying softly she rolled onto her side and curled into a ball. As the sobs grew in strength she held her fist to her mouth to quiet the cries. The hotel staff would probably think she was being robbed or something.

With a shuddering sigh she tried to take a deep breath. It caught in her throat. She began to gasp for breath, clutching at her throat. Air wouldn't come. Tears of pain and frustration fell from her eyes. She knew what was happening, but she couldn't stop it. Finally as her body began to react from loss of oxygen darkness overcame her and she passed into unconsciousness.


Jaden opened his FTP account and began uploading the files he had been working on for the last few days. was about to go online. Quickly he entered in the last few codes and hit save. In the second internet he had open, he quickly typed in the address.

The site immediately came online. A banner featuring pictures of Zoe from her childhood adorned the top of the page. Below that there was the navigation and under that was a short paragraph explaining the website's purpose. Also there was a rendering of what Zoe might possible look like today.

Jaden sighed with satisfaction. Perhaps this would turn over a new leaf in the desperate search for his sister.

After shutting down his laptop he put it away and slung the bag over his shoulder. An announcement over the loud speaker urged all passengers to board for flight 203. Even though he had flown himself down, he had left the plane at Lucas's request, and was flying out of the airport for a 'leisurely' vacation at the Grand Canyon.


Lola sat silently staring at the window of her Victorian home. Two years after Zoe's kidnapping they had sold their old home and bought this one. The memories had become too much for all of them to handle, and Lola hadn't ever felt safe there again.

"Lola?" her husband's deep voice echoed through the halls of the old home.

"In here," she called in reply.

A moment later she felt his strong arms slip around her waist. "Are you okay?" he asked softly.

"I talked to Jaden again today," she whispered. Pain laced her voice.

Bruce tensed. Many a time he wished that Jaden would give up the search, but another part of him still hoped that someday Zoe would be found again. "And?" he prodded when Lola remained silent.

"He's still searching for her. He won't give up until she's found."

Bruce knew the fear that Lola held locked deep inside her heart. She would rather hope that her daughter was safe somewhere than have Jaden discover the worst. "I know."

"Wh-What if she's dead, Bruce?" horror clung to every word.

Bruce tightened his grip. "I don't know what to say, Lola. I don't want to find out she's….gone, but I can't stand this wondering."

Lola turned and wrapped her arms around Bruce's neck. She knew the pain of Zoe's disappearance was equal in them both. "Maybe this is the right thing to do then."

Bruce smiled slightly. "Maybe."

Lola gently kissed him.