Love Triangle


I'm not the most popular kind of person. I like to write and read I go to the library at lunch. I basically sit in my room and ignore the rest of my family. I'm one of those very sensible, very down to earth kinds of persons. I'm serious and stoic. I don't laugh unless a joke is really funny. I'm impassive and cold.

I've been called ugly.

I've been called boring.

I've been called dull.

That's why no one would have ever believed me if I told them that underneath that icy, hard exterior beat the heart of a……YAOI FANGIRL!

I had downloaded or read just every yoai manga ever translated into English, and quite a few still in Japanese. That's why my shriveled, desert of a heart, grew two sizes that day.

The day I found out that the two most popular boys in the school were gay.

We were having our "camp"at a nearby resort. We weren't going to the usual camp because too many girls had complained about crappy facilities. It pissed me off.

We had been given a slip of paper earlier in the week, which we had to write down the names of who we wanted to stay with. It was three people to a room, all the same sex.

I didn't write anyone down. I handed my slip back and my teacher didn't look at it.

I was dropped off at the lobby of the hotel by my mother. She didn't look back. It was only when the assigned rooms were finally being called out that my teacher realized I had no where to go.

The hotel had a strict, only three students together in a room. Apparently, anymore would be too troublesome. Whatever.

Anyway, my teacher was at a loss. I couldn't possibly stay with him.

So we did the rounds as usual. At each girl's room, there were already three or they steadfastly refused to stay in a room with me, no matter how the teacher cajoled.

Soon my teacher was almost pulling his hair out by his roots. "Where can I put you?"

"Sir," I said quietly, contempt hidden under the surface, "if it comes to it. I could always stay in a boy's room." He stared at me for a moment, undecided.

"You really wouldn't mind?" He asked hopefully.

"Nope. It's fine." He sighed in relief and directed me to put my bags in room 206.

I had no idea who the occupants were. They were probably out exploring the levels.

I didn't care. All I wanted was a really hot shower. I felt dirty. My teacher's stupidity felt like a layer of grime on my skin.

I dumped my bags on one of the three beds and glanced at my roommates' luggage. Yeah, they were definitely guys.

The hot water pounded down on my skin like light hammers. It felt so good. I don't look very special. I have dark brown hair and a slight dusting of freckles over my nose. I'm actually pretty short and stocky. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not fat, but I'm certainly not a skinny as the normal bred of girls that surround the Gold Coast. I have relatively nice breasts, though no one's ever told me so.

My most distinctive feature is my green eyes. Random people tell me that when I get really angry, my eyes turn almost transparent. I haven't seen it but I'll take their word for it. I love being scary.

I doused my face one more time, shivering from the pleasurable heat then turned the taps off and opened the shower door.

I heard faint voices coming from the room. Strangely, they were hushed. Normal boys are as loud as possible when in hotels, simply to annoy other people. I really hope I hadn't been put with any freaky fetish-loving emo boys.

I tied the towel around myself and unlocked the door. Yes, of course I locked the door. What sensible would leave the door open when she's taking a shower in a boy's room? Exactly.

I opened it slightly and looked out. At first I only saw a tangle of limbs on the bed. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.


The fangirl within me screamed loud enough to shatter glass. The only change outside, was a very slight smile that tugged at my mouth and my eyes narrowed slightly. I imagine I looked very like a cat.

"….it tonight?" the boy underneath asked.

"Well…yeah, I guess so." said the boy on top.

"It's been awhile since we've been alone. All those idiots piss me off." Under-boy said vehemently, "The girls slobber over me and sit in my lap and I think it's just so disgusting!"

"Yeah, but come one! If anyone knew you and I were….they'd all have a fit. Imagine what would happen! Imagine if our parents found out!" Over-boy shuddered.

A long silence. Were they kissing?

I couldn't see their faces, since I was crouching down and had only a very narrow slip in which to see. I was almost salivating. I had to see this! The greedy fangirl pushed me forward and I opened the a bit more.


Oh God.

The bathroom door was yanked open and I went sprawling, legs apart, one breast showing. I quickly covered myself and looked up.

In front of me stood two boys, two very popular, very hot, very gay boys. Josh and Matthew, the two most admired, sought after boys in my grade. And they were gay with each other.

My mind simply couldn't comprehend the perfectness of this situation. I could imagine it. My mind went through a series of manga panels with them as my main characters. The possibilities were absolutely mind-blowing. I was drooling.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, bitch?" Josh's was incandescent with rage.

That brought me down to earth. "I was assigned to this room."

"That can't be. You're a girl and we're guys. We don't bunk together." Matthew said it like I was a retard. He looked fearful.

"I'm perfectly aware of the usual customs, but there had to be a change. I wasn't assigned a room so I had to go with the only people available." I spoke coolly.

I wouldn't take being treated like an idiot.

"How long have you been here?" Josh grabbed my arm suddenly and squeezed.

'I've been here for half an hour. I was taking a shower, as you can see." I gestured my flimsy towel. "Oh." He let go of my arm and turned away having ascertained that I hadn't seen them, "Get dressed. You can't stay in our room."

"Uh, actually? I have to. I can't go anywhere else." I opened my suitcase and quickly grabbed some old cloths.

"But…" Heart wrenching dismay coloured Matthew's tone. Josh glanced at him quickly, tenderly.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door before getting dressed. Enough of me had been exposed today already.

Guilt suddenly swirled inside me. I was taking their night away from them. But where was I supposed to go? It wasn't my fault that I hadn't been placed with anyone. Still, Matthew looked so adorably sad. Goddamit.

"Fine, whatever. I'll move, so stop getting so pissy." I leaned against the doorway and scowled at them. They both looked immensely relieved. I took zipped my suitcase up and picked it up. I opened the door and glanced back at them.

I couldn't resist one parting shot, the situation was too perfect.

"I hope you enjoy your night together, boys."

Matthew gasped.