Jace Ain't No Playboy

This wasn't true. It couldn't possibly be true. I had just seen my best friend, Mindy Wellington, about to kiss Jace Steven, the cutest and most popular guy on Earth, not to mention the guy I liked. I don't get it; Mindy knew of my feelings for Jace! How could she fucking betray me like that?! I mean, Mindy wasn't prettier than me or something! Of course, she was a blondie with green eyes, but that didn't make her any prettier than me! I was a brunette with blue eyes, and Jace was like a "bluenet" (he had really dark blue hair) and hazel eyes. God, I really loved those damn gorgeous eyes and his really dark blue hair. Anyway, back to the story…

I was walking down the park like at 4:35 or so; I use to take a walk at that hour down the park. And when I was about to go out, I visualized them, Mindy sitting on a bench with Jace's face mere inches from hers. It really looked that they were going to kiss. I gasped, let go of my backpack, and began walking away. I heard the bluenet going after me.

"Jodi, please wait!" shouted Jace walking behind me.

"Stay the hell away from me!"

"I need to talk with you!"

"Go and talk with Mindy; I'm sure she'll be very happy!" I said, hurrying up my walking.

"NO! I need to talk with you!" he replied. "Just listen to me, Jodi!" I reached my house and entered, but I could hear that the bluenet entered right behind me. Soon we were both on my room.

"Fuck, get out of my room or I'll call the police!" I yelled.

"Not until you listen to me!" God, he sounded so determined, and I liked that. But not right now because I was getting really angry! And I was pretty tired of his resistance. He began getting closer.

"I told you to stay the fucking hell away from me!" When I tried to slap him, he grabbed my wrist, and then the other. "Damn it, Jace, leave me alone!" I swear I was mentally kicking myself. I was yelling at this boy I really liked, and right when he wants me to listen to him! I actually deserved a punishment for that. Then he pushed me until we were lying on my bed, he being on top of me. "What the-?!" But before I could say anything else, Jace crushed his lips against mine.

My eyes widened with astonishment. This boy, the one I really liked but that didn't like me back, was now kissing me?! And just after he had been flirting with my best friend! Any time, ANY TIME I would have wanted this; if he wasn't playing with my feelings, if he fucking knew what he was doing, and if he hadn't been flirting with Mindy in the first place!

But on that instant, on that same damn instant, Jace made the kiss more passionate by forcing me to open my mouth so he could slip his tongue in, exploring and tasting every inch of it. And even though I could, I didn't break apart. I mean, I was way stronger than him, but the sensation I was feeling was so… so… so wonderful and amazing. I was enjoying it, and because of unknown reasons, my body suddenly began burning with desire. And his did, also. I could feel it. His hands still had a grip on my wrists, but he let go of them and wrapped his arms around my waist as his mouth moved over my own. I wrapped my arms around Jace's neck, my left hand on the back of his head, pulling him even closer.

Then I felt him moaning against my mouth. God, did he have to be so fucking amazing?! But as another moan escaped from him, one escaped from me. Finally, we both pulled apart because of lack of air. Jace stared at me with his so gorgeous hazel eyes.

"You fucking damn playboy," I whispered. He chuckled.

"Jace ain't no playboy, Jodi," he said.

"I saw you, you idiot! You were about to kiss Mindy, I saw it!" He chuckled again.

"I never thought it would actually work." My look gave the clue that I was confused. "After school yesterday, Mindy told me that you really liked me, but you wouldn't just admit it or anything. Since I also really like you, we decided to team up, and we made that scene on the park so I could get the chance of sharing my first kiss with you." Now I was the one chuckling.

"You are a fucking damn gorgeous idiot, did you know that?"

"I love you too, Jodi," said Jace. And then, he kissed me yet again.

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