Hi all!

I don't really know why I wrote this and you'll have to read to find out who saying all this so yea

keep smiling LoSt ReMeDy

Running to a happier place,

Running away,

Hoping to see his face,

Looks so happy,

Can't get him out my head,

It haunts me,

I dream about him in bed,

So sweet,

He's all I need,

All I wanted,

He liked me for me,

The real me,

We would run around,

All day long,

Making a lot of sound,

Yelling, chanting,

I'd laugh at his jokes,

Quite funny,

He always liked my folks,

They liked him too,

But now he's gone forever,

Alone again,

I've tried to pull it together,

Tried to forget it all,

But he was the one,

My only love,

Now I feel so dumb,

So stupid,

Why did I let him die?

I couldn't help him,

I always seem to cry,

Even to his name,

He didn't deserve to die that way,

He was meant to live,

It was supposed to be a normal day,

Nothing out of the ordinary,

Guns are a hell forsaken thing,

Never meant to be made,

All the sadness it can bring,

Anger and tears,

Why did it have to be him?

He wasn't bad,

The gunner acting so grim,

All a stupid lie,

But the jury didn't care,

Good for them,

They made things fair,

The way it should be,

But that won't bring my love back,

Only his memories,

Now I can only look back,

At everything we had,

His memory will live on,

Never forgotten,

Even though he's gone,

I'll miss him,

Now I know he's looking down at me from heaven,

Keeping me safe.