today is a day
i feel tired of.
today, i'd like to forget
all of my inadequacies
all the places i don't measure up (or down)
and everything that pulls me into
the pit of dullness i am.

today, i'm doubting
all the things i was so sure of yesterday
and all my doubts have colored tomorrow
a dull, miserable gray
i'm longing to wash away.

today, i'd like to follow
all my thoughts of a runaway man
into the horizon
and chase them forever
until i find him.

today i need to believe you care
that wherever you are
i'll see you again
and that no matter what you're doing now
tomorrow you'll be mine.

today, i want to hide
underneath my covers
clutching a stuffed monkey
with pieces of a collective soul
drowning out the emptiness inside.

because today is a day
i'm quickly growing tired of.