there's a ripple in the air tonight,
an undercurrent of something sparking in the night,
something humming along my veins,
waking my blood
and sending my heart racing.

and you look so innocent.
if i didn't know you for the devil you are,
i'd swear that you—
with your silky-soft fair hair
and sky-light eyes
and gently curving smile, just like the rainbow—
look just like an angel tonight.

aren't i the one
who's supposed to make your spine shiver?
aren't i the girl
with seduction in her eyes?
aren't i the one
who's supposed to set your skin on fire
with every breath
and every touch?

it's that whisper of silk against skin
that makes me think
there's something special about tonight—
that heightens every sense
and tautens every nerve
until i can't breathe for the anticipation
and makes me wonder what
might happen later.

i need a drink.