sing to me

do you have to be so very far away?
i'm afraid because your face is fading in my mind
and i don't want to lose your smile
or the warmth of your embrace.

i want to sit beside you,
resting my head on your shoulder
awake and dreaming of you
so very alive and beautiful.

i want to dance with you underneath the stars,
your heartbeat rippling through my blood
just you and me, alone,
gliding soundlessly under a black velvet sky.

and i want you to sing to me
the most romantic song in all the world
in any voice, low, soft, whatever you want,
just close enough to stir my senses.

and after all that
would you believe me if i said i didn't need you to love me?
that all i really need is to be near you,
and all i really want is to be close to you?

it's true—just the sight of you makes me smile
and even your feather-light touch
resonates through my body
and all the way to my heart.

but even so—it would still be nice
if you could take my hand
pull me close to you
and sing to me.