hymne au soleil

wake me with your eyes of desire
those dark eyes that tempt the innocence in me
for i haven't slept in nights and nights
of wakeful dreams and wandering thoughts.

and the less i sleep, the more i dream
of a room without shadows
a chamber suffused with light
to chase the dark away.

and in the morning the sun tastes especially sweet
melting sinfully on my lips
trickling slowly, indolently down my throat
warm drops of gold tantalizing in their clarity.

i slide my legs through buttery sheets
a delicious sensation saved for the hour when
sunlight pours through my windows and embraces me
in a shimmery satin haze.

and i soak in pools of golden radiance
i have known nothing of
since the moment i first tasted the imaginings of the air
in a dream of an elusive dawn.

sunbeams of liquid light glimmer from beneath your lashes
entrancing my mind with their sensuous dance
and your honeyed tones coax me from my bed
a sweet and tender nectar to my senses.

and for one precious moment i bathe in warmth
and glow with long-awaited pleasure
indulging myself without shame
saturated wholly with light.

and you—the secret lover of my soul—
are more than welcome
to shed your shadows
and come with me.