there's a fine line between 'friends forever'
and 'eternally yours'
and i would like to erase that.

but there is an invisible divide between us
and though there is nothing i would like to do more,
i don't know how to cross from my side to yours.

but if you could
would you raze the barriers
that stand between us?

and if you would
could you build me a bridge
to connect our hearts?

i'm tired of peering over walls
and between bars
just to see your face,

and climbing on top of wood
and wires to love you
is wearing me out.

for it is maddening to be so close
and yet so far—so near,
and yet so unable to touch you.

so i'd like to discover the shortcut,
the secret that will lead me past all obstacles
and annoyances to your side.

but most of all, i wish i could find a way
to tear down these fences between us
and get to you,

because i want to reach love and our forever and a day.
so if you could and would—
please open the gate and let me in.