if you are
a dark-haired boy with chocolate
on your lips and drops of melodies
in your hands, please stand here.
this is your line. (here are pen and paper
and questions: answer as thoroughly as possible.)

if you
were born in the year
of distant suns
and sudden rainshowers, check
yes or no: have you ever gone wandering
with the night?

if you have sung verses
and tercets of half-written love
songs and scribbled sonnets meant
for no one, tell me: have you words left
in your notebooks
for me?

and if ever
you kissed some constellation or went flying
with some shooting star, did you still
remember the earthbound girl
left spellbound
in your wake?

if you have passed
these tests with flying
colors, i need
to see you in
my office.
i have just the job for you.