A/N: There are Japanese characters in here, so I hope you can view them. And in case it's not clear enough, the words after the roman numerals are in Japanese. Edited 07.11.18, because of a silly typo. (Also, just look at the reviews if you'd like to know which words correspond to which part of the anatomy.) Enjoy!


Anatomy 101
a oneshot.


i. me - 目
The first time she sees him after the long school break, he is making his way down the hallway with an assured confident air. His line of vision sweeps – left, front, right, front, left – and then it stops on her. An eyebrow is raised – a perfect arc. And even long after he had stepped past her, she still feels his searing gaze on her. Just as always.

ii. kuchibiru - 唇
In Public Speaking 101, their only class together, she watches as he makes his speech in front of the entire class. He's not a very vocal person, and she doesn't hear him very well. Instead, she just watches him – the way his lips move with every word he utters. Once, he pauses to lick his lips – nervous reaction or habit? – and leaves them wet and glistening. And minutes later, he ends his monologue with a firm press of his lips together and she almost curves her own in a smile – he looks so relieved.

iii. shinzou - 心臓
She's heard from his ex-girlfriends (and he's got a lot of them) that he doesn't know how to love. In fact, there's not been evidence that he even has a heart.

iv. hai - 肺
She sees him playing football with his friends at the field. She'd been waiting for days for inspiration to strike, and now that it finally does, it knocks the wind out of her lungs.

v. mune - 胸
She draws lines and curves and leaves behind streaks of bleeding blue ink. Her eye never leaves his form and her hand records what she sees stroke for stroke. Even from afar, she sees with perfect clarity as a bead of sweat trails down his naked chest – down and down, until it soaks itself in the fabric of his jeans. She feels irrationally upset with herself for not possessing the skills needed to imprint that moment on paper forever.

vi. hoo - 頬
Two weeks later, she finally plucks up her courage and asks him to be the subject of her art project. He smiles sardonically and a dimple forms on his left cheek. "Do you need me to pose naked?"

vii. sei - 背
When they meet up after school at the Chemistry lab, she tells him to please take off his shirt. He opens his mouth slightly, probably about to say something salacious, before thinking better of it. Without a word, he turns around and lets his back face her before lifting off his shirt. She watches with careful attention as his tanned skin comes into view slowly – inch by inch. She then sees the muscles on his back flex as he pulls his top off completely. Suddenly, with such speed that she doesn't expect it, he turns back around and smiles at her eyes darting away guiltily.

viii. kubi - 首
It doesn't surprise her how silent they are during their "sessions" – they don't speak other than her occasional "Relax a bit"s and his muttered "Sorry"s. It does surprise her, however, how comfortable their silences are. But then, on their fifth "session", her body turns cold when she spies a litany of bruises marring the skin on his neck – mouth-shaped bruises. That afternoon, their silence was icy and tense.

ix. te - 手
With their very last meet-up looming nearer and nearer, she finds it more and more difficult to part ways with him at the end of every meeting.

On the evening of their last rendezvous, they are quieter than usual. She traces out his figure on canvas with her eyes shut; she knows his body so well now that she could sketch it from memory alone, but that isn't the reason she doesn't open them. She knows he is looking right at her and she also knows that if she meets his eyes, she might start to cry for reasons unknown. So she just draws and draws, and when she is done, she tells him to get dressed. She starts packing up her things and from the corner of her eye, she observes him putting his shirt back on. Finally, they walk and close the space between each other with every step. Then, standing mere inches from one another, they stop and she raises her right hand for a handshake. She doesn't need to see it to know that his right eyebrow is lifted, even as he grasps her hand in his.

They just stand there, right hands enclosed in each other's, for long moments and the sensation is more intense than she would have ever expected. She tries to pull her hand away, but he doesn't let her go – instead, he squeezes her even tighter. With her heart pounding wildly, she finally raises her eyes and meets his. She gasps, seeing the wealth of emotions trapped there. And before she is able to decipher any of them, her lips are caught in his and she forgets to breathe.


"I'm impressed," he murmurs as he scans through the results of her latest quiz in Japanese 102. "You did well – especially the section on Anatomy."

She smiles and nips his ear (mimi - 耳) before replying, "Yeah well, I did spend a lot of time studying that."

And well, theoretically, she did.